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Dominic’s Casual Italian

In case you didn’t know, you can find my writing in Kansas City’s premier lifestyle magazine for the Northland. Here’s an article on one of my favorite easy-dining restaurants straight from the latest edition of North Magazine. DomMag

You know you’ve discovered a great restaurant when you find yourself in the neighborhood and automatically try to find an excuse to stop in for a bite. Or you rack your brain for a reason you should grab a to-go order for someone, anyone you might be seeing later that day. I will admit, I have a few of those places in Kansas City. Most recently, I find myself inventing reasons to keep eating at Dominic’s Casual Italian.

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Back to School for KSU’s Call Hall Ice Cream!

With plans for a trip to Kansas State University to take my niece for a campus visit, I heard from several people that I needed to have some of the famous ice cream from the Call Hall Dairy Bar. callcase

They told me the stories of packing on the pounds once they got to campus, partly due to late night visits to Call Hall. Too much ice cream during a freshman year seemed to be common theme.

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A recent New York Times article examined the eating habits of the “millennial generation” and highlighted the struggles major fast-food and informal restaurants are having attracting those ages 18-30. The story says younger consumers “spend their dining dollars sparingly and in a more calculated way.” Including a focus on local and healthier options, it seems millenials are leaving behind the standard fast-food burger places for newer options like Shake Shack (which I hope to try soon in NYC), In-N-Out Burger (a mandatory stop everytime I’m in CA or Vegas) and SMASHBURGER.smash burger

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Bacon Roasted Green Beans

It’s sometimes the hardest dish to make exciting. When I’m tasked with making the side dish for a dinner party, I always want it to be a step above. But sometimes adding too much to a quality vegetable, just adds calories and heaviness.

A few weeks ago, the menu was basic: steaks, salmon and twice baked potatoes. The side dish was up to me and I was on a search to find something simple yet superb.

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Storied Desserts

On a recent Sunday night, I sat in the candle-lit elegance of a simple patio in Prairie Village. One of our last temperate evenings, the air had just a slight chill and but the wonderful food warmed our souls.

Fried Strawberry Pie

It was a fantastic outing with good friends. And as you do with good friends, we gave in and ordered dessert.

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Oaxaca Punch

Fall has definitely arrived in Kansas City, but don’t let the cool weather keep you from enjoying a fantastic cocktail with flavorful fruit.

You might think of punch as a libation reserved for  summer cocktail parties by the pool, or maybe you have memories of drinking it out of a trash can in college. But this Oaxaca Punch recipe takes some of my favorite intoxicating ingredients to a whole new level.

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Paella is Everywhere!

Going to Tampa Bay for the Republican National Convention, I was excited to try some great restaurants in the area. But I didn’t know exactly what kind of “local fare” I might expect.

Well Paella was the dish of the week! I’ve always enjoyed the wonderful concoction that can come with so many variations, but I must say it tastes a little better in Florida!

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Chefs Talk-JBF Best New Restaurants

The James Beard Foundation interviewed the chefs behind all five of their Best New Restaurant nominees. Check out what they have to say here.

I”m hoping to check out a few of the nominees myself in 2012. Two of the five are on my list to hit while traveling later this year. Fiola in Washington, DC and Next in Chicago sound like they will be quite an experience….that is, if I can get in!!

Piropos Lounge

Living just around the corner from one of the best restaurants in town can create a lot of guilt.

There’s a slight temptation to use it as your own personal gourmet cafeteria, ordering “to-go” even though the plastic container it comes in should never come near a culinary creation of that quality. While the food still tastes phenomenal, it’s missing the ambience, service and luxury fine food deserves.

But more often, it seems that jewel tucked into your familiar neighborhood streetscape goes overlooked. Kinda like staring into a fridge full of food and finding nothing that sounds good. It’s right there, you can have it anytime, so you go for something that takes a little more work.

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Chili-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

Plenty of free time on a lovely Saturday afternoon can be utilized in so many ways. This weekend, I turned that little gift into a fantastically grilled dinner of first-time recipes for me and the Hubs! There are so many dishes I want to make on my Big Green Egg grill/smoker, so today I attempted to tackle some simple ones.

Tonight’s dinner was a meat we enjoy pretty regularly – pork tenderloin. It can be a flavorful, moist and lean meat that works very well to meet the nutritional requirements of a New Year’s diet and still offers a savory and potentially creative main course.

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