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Scratch Cupcakery – Des Moines

The diet was in full effect on a recent trip to Des Moines for my godson’s first birthday. Well, that was until we made the trip to pick up cupcakes for the birthday party.scr case

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Holeman & Finch – Atlanta

Heading to Atlanta cheer on my Shockers in the Final Four, I was in need of some great restaurant recommendations fast. Luckily, I remembered that I had recorded an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover” and one of the many unwatched episodes I refused to let my husband erase featured Atlanta. S0 the night before I flew out, sitting in my bedroom floor painting my nails, I hurriedly watched segments of the show.

My favorite dish - chicken liver pate

My favorite dish – chicken liver pate

The one place that stood out as my “must-visit” was called Holeman & Finch Public House. So our first open meal, off we went.

Long line for Sunday brunch

Long line for Sunday brunch

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Caprese – The Bazaar & Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

A trip to Los Angeles this fall was nearly torturous for this food-lovin’ girl. So many places, so little time and all that TRAFFIC with restaurants spread so far apart!! So I did what I could with the few free meals I had. That meant no maple-glazed bacon brioche donut, no fabulous food trucks, and sadly not even an In-N-Out Burger (still kicking myself for that one)!

Sweet juicy oven-roasted tomatoes at Pizzeria Mozza

But what I did find, were some of the best Caprese salads I’ve ever dreamed of. Both consumed in the same day and both wonderful beyond description.

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Columbia Restaurant – Tampa, Florida

With Tropical Storm Isaac expected to sweep near Tampa last Monday, the Republican  National Convention was postponed for a day. With nothing to fill a wide open day that was expected to be filled with meetings and speakers, Missouri party officials did some quick switchups to our schedule and took the delegation to the historic Columbia Restaurant a day early.

Located in Ybor City –  the old ethnic epicenter of Tampa Bay – the Columbia restaurant is a landmark that draws visitors from far and wide.

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Home Cookin’ at Toot Toot

If you’ve ever headed up Interstate 35 toward Des Moines, you’ve probably seen the billboard halfway through the trip that reads TOOT-TOOT in all capital letters. Well next time, get off the highway at Bethany and get ready for some home cookin!

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Black Iron Grill – Rock Port, Mo

Just off Interstate 29 in far Northeast Missouri you will find some darn good deep-fried appetizers and a decent steak. Like most small towns in rural Missouri, Rock Port doesn’t have too many restaurants. But what it does have is BIG.

I’m talking about Black Iron Grill (BIG) – the sizeable steakhouse and cafe that’s likely one of the best places to eat for an hour in any direction. In fact, if you exit the interstate here at Highway 136, your only other food options are McDonald’s, Subway, and a convenience store (and  it’s not even a Casey’s with the yummy taco pizza).

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Cookies from Sienna

I’m facing a dilemma, but I know I have to do the right thing. Yes, this is a frivolous food matter that is weighing pretty heavily on my mind. Silly….I know. But you haven’t had a taste of these!
You see, I just returned from Italy and brought home some wonderful foodie items like balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oils and the most amazing cookies!

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Jean-Georges, New York City

I had heard the name many times, but didn’t give it much thought when selecting what special spots I would treat myself to in New York City. It was the suggestion of a food writer friend and his insistence that even a lunch experience would be outstanding at Jean-Georges that put it near the top of my list.
Located in the Trump International Hotel & Tower on the edge of Central Park at Columbus Circle, the dining room windows provide a glimpse of all the beauty, grandeur and hustle of New York. But inside and in the hands of a truly professional restaurant staff, the outside world fades into the background as the warmth, elegance and superiority of this culinary refuge takes you in.

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If you’re a big falafel fan, like I am, then you could be in for a treat next weekend. It’s said to be “the best falafel you’ll taste outside Jerusalem” and it’s right here in Kansas City at KosherFest on Sunday, June 3.

But don’t make your decision to attend on falafel alone. My friends with first hand knowledge say you cannot miss the Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and the Chicken Shish-Kabob…that they are incredible! I know I want to find out for myself. If the food at KosherFest even comes close to the amazing dishes I devoured in Israel earlier this year, you really have to experience it.

The congregation even shares recipes for KosherFest foods on its website.


For your sweet tooth, be sure to try the Rugelach pastries. These small fluffy roll-like delights contain a fruit and nut filling. Just the right treat on a summer afternoon in the sun. And if you miss it this year, you’ll have to wait two years till Congregation Ohev Sholom puts on the festival again.

shish kabobs

You can even take your non-foodie friends. There will be live music, a children’s area and a Shuk (market) selling jewelry, crafts and books.

Come with an appetite and enjoy!


June 3, 2012

11am – 5pm

75th & Nall

$2 Admission

Healthy in Vegas?

Las Vegas is designed to cater to your every indulgence. But what if you want to see the other side, the healthier activities and cuisine?

L'Atelier Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand

I’ve been to Vegas on a strict diet exactly once. So strict that I made all my own food at home, froze much of it and carried it with me in coolers until the mini-fridge was delivered to my room. Luckily, I was booked solid at the host hotel all week and didn’t have much time to be tempted by all The Strip and it’s esteemed kitchens have to offer.

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