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Chef’s Classic Knock OUT ‘Bout!

Just a couple more days to get your tickets for a night of friendly but fierce competition among Kansas City’s best chefs. As a judge for this event, I’m afraid some I’ll have to make some tough decisions considering the talent pool.

The Chef’s Classic Knock OUT ‘Bout on Saturday will showcase nine top-notch culinary artists and their delicious creations. In true boxing fashion, three rounds of competition will determine the champion. The first two rounds are judged by attendees and the crowd favorites will advance to the final round. That’s when I join with two other judges to determine the winner of a live cooking showdown!chefs

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‘Round Town: Outdoor Dining

I love to see what other local food blogs are saying and recently came across a very timely and useful list of great places to dine outdoors in Kansas City.

Cowtown Chow compiled a Top 10 list last month naming his favorite spots for sunshine and fresh air along with great food and drinks. It’s a nice list! Funny though, I’m more familiar with the spots in his “honorable mention” category. That just means there are more great places I need to check out!

There are few spots I would definitely add the the list:  Story, Grand Street Cafe (especially for a breezy Sunday brunch) and the Plaza’s hottest new patio Gram & Dun.

For the Girls

For many women, meeting up with your girlfriends for lunch or dinner is often something anxiously anticipated for days. For you guys, it might be a special meal with mom or the ladies in your family, or just a dad on duty the morning after a slumber party.

Westport Cafe & Bar

Well, Kansas City offers some wonderful spots for a girls get-together and, of course, gab-fest. Below is my list of recommendations for your next ladies lunch, girls night out, or simply a special meal with a special lady in your life.

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Happy with my Hummus

The simplicity of hummus can be so satisfying. And a great hummus appetizer with warm soft pita bread has filled my belly and deterred a big dinner on many occasions. That’s because good hummus is just so hard to resist. You want to keep dipping that pita into the creamy, smooth, flavorful mixture!

It’s a straightforward dish to be savored and shared when done right. Just a basic combination of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil and lemon juice – you wouldn’t think there would be  much room for error. But the disparity between average restaurant hummus and an immaculate compilation of those simple ingredients can be breath-taking. The “fall to your knees, begging for the recipe” kind can turn a doldrum day into a sun-shiney, my-life-is-wonderful event. As you can tell, I’m a very happy camper when I get some GOOD hummus.

So here’s my list. These are my favorite spots for an exceptional hummus experience.

  • Habashi House – hands down the most heavenly hummus around! Generously topped with olive oil, you’ll find a nice amount of garlic throughout the fluid mixture. The amount of flavor in one bite is nearly criminal!

    combo plate at Habashi House (their baba ganoush is phenomenal too)

  • Yia Yia’s Eurobistro – light but packed full of perfectly balanced seasoning, and a great price for an upscale dining appetizer (I love this place!)
  • Jerusalem Cafe – just darn good, a KC go-to
  • The Cashew – never been there without ordering their hummus, savory and smooth
  • Little Egypt – rich and creamy, lightly spiced

When Price is No Object

There are those special occassions in life when we want the very best our city has to offer. Sometimes it’s a milestone anniversary or birthday, a retirement or celebration of a baby or a new job. For many people New Year’s Eve is the night to put on the fancy clothes and live it up! With that swanky event just around the corner, I thought it was a good time to give you my rankings of  the the BEST places in KC when price is no object.

Not all of these venues have sky-high menus. I listed many because you get can get the feel of an exclusive, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, fine-dining experience wiouthout emptying your wallet. Check out their online menus to find out if will fit the bill for your next big night out.

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Best KC places for Tuna Tartare

Simple raw goodness. Sometimes tuna tartare is the perfect start to a great dinner. And if it’s stacked, served or soaked with just the right accompaniments, you could find it to be your “perfect bite”.

If you’re eating at great restaurants serving high-quality tuna you don’t often find “bad” preparations (though I have encountered a few), just boring sometimes. But when you get a great tuna tartare with just the right proportion of avocado and all the goodies, you’re really in for a treat.

Here are some local suggestions for finding the good stuff. Read more