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Billy Vanilly Cupcakes – Lawrence

In a darling little storefront in the heart of Lawrence, you can find some tasty treats for your sweet tooth. I happened upon this bakery one Sunday afternoon on our way back to Kansas City. We were just driving down Massachusetts Street deciding where to have lunch, when I say the sign and thought “what a fantastic bakery name!”BVpkg

Little did I know, Billy Vanilly has quite the following. Having been featured in Rachel Ray magazine, on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and being named Kansas Small Business of the Year, this place had some accolades. But when stopped in just to check out this cute bakery, I was just hoping for a decent cupcake.BVcarrot

The 24 Carrot cupcake wasn’t bad, but it didn’t have cream cheese frosting. Personally, I just can’t endorse carrot cake without that essential component. However, I did love the petite carrots iced on top.

Pumpkin Cheesecake cupcake

Pumpkin Cheesecake cupcake


The classic – Billy Vanilly flavor

But my second sampling was a home run! The seasonal special Pumpkin Cream Cheese cupcake was killer good! I want to have another right now. Let me warn you, it’s very decadent. But they do it right with a nicely spiced cake topped with a mountain of rich, cheesecake-like icing. It’s all finished with a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar on top. While I was supposed to be “sharing” this cupcake, admittedly, I enjoyed the majority of it. And every bit was absolutely phenomenal.BVbig

I had to ask the clerk whether to get the Retro, a throwback to the old school Hostess chocolate cupcake with the line of white squiggles, or the Death by Chocolate. He suggested Death by Chocolate as the most chocolatey and I was sold.

BVtrayIt was a great choice. This nicely balanced cupcake tops a wonderfully moist chocolate cake with a thin layer of chocolate ganache then a tall swirl of light chocolate buttercream icing. While it was wonderfully sweet and chocolatey, it was not overwhelming.

Something I found enticing is that Billy Vanilly offers three sizes of their cupcakes, each beautifully decorated. You can get a Premie, a Baby Cake or a Big Kid Cake – and the Big Kids are whole lot of cupcake!BVsizes

Next time I’m in Lawrence, or Topeka where Billy Vanilly has another location, I’ll be bringing home a few boxes of these tasty treasures.

Billy Vanilly

914 massachusetts street

Lawrence, Ks


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  1. sarahkc #

    Thank you for sharing; I love bakeries like no other and I hadn’t heard about this yet. Next time we are in Lawrence I will stop by for a death by chocolate!

    November 20, 2013

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