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Westside Local

I little place tucked near downtown Kansas City, Westside Local is known by many in the area for its great food. Currently off my beaten path, I hope to make it a regular spot since I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve ever tasted there.

Ah-mazing biscuits & gravy!

Ah-mazing biscuits & gravy!

This summer I happened to make it for two meals in the same week! As before, I walked away quite happy after each meal.

Sunday brunch (or “blunch” as Westside Local terms it) has been one of my favorite experiences there. Our brunch outing was a nice day after church when we wanted some good grub with a little sunshine. After racking my brain and searching Urban Spoon for a new brunch place with a patio, I remembered that Westside local had outdoor dining.

Blunch Starter Plate - awesome deviled eggs

Blunch Starter Plate – awesome deviled eggs

It was a great choice – warm sun on a wind-blocked patio with fantastic food. Of course we started with the “Blunch starter plate” consisting of two deviled eggs, cheese, salami and fruit. The deviled eggs were fresh and attention-grabbing.

I chose the Blunch burger complete with a fried egg, prosciutto and hollandaise on a pretzel bun. It was great! Better yet were the amazing french fries. They were perfectly cooked with crispy ends but soft, tender middles and very well-seasoned! I will definitely have those again!

Awesome burger with fried egg and hollandaise

Awesome burger with fried egg and hollandaise


Steak and Eggs

The Hubs went for the steak and eggs. A very nicely prepared tenderloin accompanied by some beautiful over-easy eggs….just fantastic.

Best yet, was the knock down, drag-out good biscuits and gravy we shared! Oh my heavens, this was phenomenal. The gravy had an underlying mushroom flavor that was quite intense. The wonderful gravy was finished with sage and thyme – a perfectly savory pairing with the ultra buttery and moist biscuit!! It was an experience out of this world!! You HAVE to try it!WestBiscuit

Lay, Lady, Lillet

Lay, Lady, Lillet

We each enjoyed a nice of glass of wine with our brunch entrees. But I will say, the Lay Lady Lillet was a home-run cocktail and my favorite drink of the outing! In fact, I had it later in the week when I went for dinner.

Superb Quinoa and great grilled chicken

Superb Quinoa and great grilled chicken

That night, I went far off my normal path of ordering and opted for an extremely healthy dish (I usually reserve the healthy stuff for my home-cooking). The Spring Quinoa was outstanding! It was laced with delicious vegetables including brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, collard greens, mint thyme pesto, toasted cashews and goat cheese! I added grilled chicken to mine and it was amazing! I make a lot of good quinoa, but never had anything this indulgent for a healthy dish!WestQuinoa

All around, my Westside local meals were top-notch. I can’t wait to go back and hope it will be soon!

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