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Back to School for KSU’s Call Hall Ice Cream!

With plans for a trip to Kansas State University to take my niece for a campus visit, I heard from several people that I needed to have some of the famous ice cream from the Call Hall Dairy Bar. callcase

They told me the stories of packing on the pounds once they got to campus, partly due to late night visits to Call Hall. Too much ice cream during a freshman year seemed to be common theme.

callcounterKnown for their agriculture programs, Call Hall ice cream is a source of pride at K-State. It’s made from the milk of the school’s dairy cows and known to be quite rich. Call Hall ice cream really earns the term  “cream of the crop”.

The popularity of this sweet treat seems to have developed into a campus joke and given the “freshman 15” a new flavor. During our campus tour, each mention of the ice cream by students was promptly followed with a reminder of where to find the rec center and exercise equipment.

calldoubleAfter a few appointments and a long campus tour, the walk to Call Hall was not kind to my feet. But to my tastebuds, it was heaven.

I took our tour guide’s suggestions and tried the  aptly named “Purple Pride”. A blueberry ice cream with little else to fuss about, it was fantastic! Rich, creamy, fresh and perfectly sweet. I wanted to eat the whole dish.

My niece’s chocolate brownie brownie delight and caramel cash were also delicious. And the servings quite generous too!callbar

I know next time I’m in Manhattan, a stop at Call Hall will be high on my list.

KSU Dairy Bar
144 Call Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: 785-532-1292

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  1. You been in this area how long?

    August 16, 2013

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