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Easy Artichoke Chicken Salad

It’s the last holiday weekend of summer and with this crazy heat, a priority of Labor Day entertaining is keeping your cool…..and maintaining a cool kitchen. So forget about turning on the oven or stovetop and, instead, mix up this simple yet satisfying dish for your guests.ArtIngredien

A few weeks ago, I had both sides of the family over for a little gathering. Pressed for time and looking for a tasty creation to call my own, I once again leaned on Trader Joe’s. My secret ingredient was nothing more than a jar of the “Trader Giotto’s Artichoke Antipasto” spread. You just need a few simple ingredients and some grilled chicken breast cut into bite-sized pieces.  Mine was prepared in the deli department of my local grocery store, but leftovers work great or  you can get it from a bag.

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Back to School for KSU’s Call Hall Ice Cream!

With plans for a trip to Kansas State University to take my niece for a campus visit, I heard from several people that I needed to have some of the famous ice cream from the Call Hall Dairy Bar. callcase

They told me the stories of packing on the pounds once they got to campus, partly due to late night visits to Call Hall. Too much ice cream during a freshman year seemed to be common theme.

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