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Scratch Cupcakery – Des Moines

The diet was in full effect on a recent trip to Des Moines for my godson’s first birthday. Well, that was until we made the trip to pick up cupcakes for the birthday party.scr case

The bakery was called Scratch and it specialized in cupcakes….lots of them! In fact, this place had more cupcakes flavors than I’ve ever seen in one place. The beautiful rounds of colorful cupcakes behind the glass sport several varieties, each briefly described on the colorful cards standing atop. I assumed this was all of their offerings until I saw the “daily” lists. These rotate on a daily basis, as well as a few seasonal flavors, for a total of more than 120 kinds of cupcakes!! I couldn’t believe it.scr tags

My friend told me the place came highly recommended and she had selected a basic vanilla for the birthday party. But in true Perfect Bite style, I had to get a few additional flavors just for sampling.

scr 4We came home with a four-pack, some recommended by the staff others just sounded like they would be good.

To begin, we cut into the simple yet classic Oh Happy Day. The vanilla sprinkle cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing was pretty impressive. I’m quite particular about my cupcakes. It has to not only be worth the calories….it has to REALLY be worth it. Only a few cupcake shops in Kansas City meet the bar, and I’ve tasted plenty of others that just fall short.

scr boxWell up in Iowa, I can tell you they do the cupcakes right! The moist white cake was wonderful with the light but just rich enough icing.

The Wedding Day cupcake was unassuming with tiny silver sparkles on the vanilla icing. Underneath the almond cream cake was mild and moist.

scr cupcakeI had expected the Maple Bacon to be my favorite.  The cake was flavored with maple and little bits of bacon then topped with maple cinnamon buttercream. It was just too maple-y for me and not enough salty bacon (“spoken like a true carnivore,” said my vegetarian hostess).scr sully

As I often find, the suggestion of the staff turned out to be one of the best. The name Sully provided minimal info about how decadent this lil’ cake would be. It didn’t even have that much icing but packed a powerful punch. The cake was peanut butter flavor with m&m’s. It was topped with peanut butter cookie dough and an oat & chocolate chip buttercream. Rolled oats and mini m&m’s were sprinkled on top for shabby chic finish. The taste is fantastic! First you think of Reece’s Pieces in the form a delicate crumbly cake, then comes the little touch of chocolate from the mini m&m’s. Outstanding!

scr samoaBut the Samoa takes the cake! The chocolate cake is wonderfully rich, a devils food kinda chocolate! On top you find a vanilla caramel buttercream, toasted coconut and drizzles of  chocolate and caramel. If you like the Girl Scout cookies formerly called Samoa (now Caramel deLites), they pale in comparison to the deliciousness of this cupcake! It’s a must-have!scr half

I’m ready to start a petition asking Scratch to open a bakery in KC. I mean the Northland is really just a little more than 2 hours from their West Des Moines location! Pretty much their backyard.

Scratch Cupcakery

7450 Bridgewood Blvd

West Des Moines

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