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d’Bronx Pizza

I pass by the place time and again and it’s often packed. Somedays you can smell the yeasty crust and sweet sausage aroma coming from inside. I’ve heard a lot of folks rave about their pizza and tiny athletic trainer girls boast about eating an entire one on a cheat day. Yet I had never gone to check it out.Bronxbox

So when I found myself needing a quick bite before a noon appointment, I stopped in to try it out for myself.

At 11:30am the place was bustling. I entered through the carry-out door and waited for the cashier to finish taking the phone order. With about four choices of ready-made by the slice, I picked the “All Meat” – what else!?!?

BronxPizzaMy first bite was VERY impressive. I was taken back by the delightful crispy bottom of the crust. But at the same time there was a soft, substantial dough underneath. It was fantastic! So good that I continued taking bite after bite of mouth-pleasing delight. But it was more than the crust.BronxClose

The toppings were perfect. Meaty pepperoni, sausage, hamburger and the most delicious Canadian bacon were nicely baked into the cheese topping. Together with the crust, the flavor was bright, full and well-balanced. The one change I would make, is to add more sauce…but that’s just the way I like my pizza. Next time I will ask for a side of marinara.

bronxCookieBlack and white cookies were beautifully displayed right next to the register. And, yes, it worked. I picked one up without hesitating and told myself I would only sample a few bites so I could write about it. Well, halfway through the big round pastry, I made myself put it back in the bag and seal it up. Not all black and white cookies are good, let alone can compete on this level. I’ve had some fantastic ones from delis in New York and this was a close comparison. The chocolate side icing was light but rich, almost like a chocolate covered long-john gone gourmet!

Though it took me a while to actually stop when passing by D’ Bronx, it definitely won’t be my last visit.

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