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Tavern at Mission Farms

I wasn’t intending to dine out for lunch. But as I headed into one of my favorite boutiques, I saw the Tavern logo next door and my mind started talking to my stomach! Soon I found myself inside the warm and welcoming restaurant.TavInt

A booth next to the window was perfect for the chilly Saturday. I eyed the appetizers and was drawn to the sliders. There were a few kinds to choose from, three per order. My server was quite accommodating and gladly fulfilled my request to try three different kinds.


The meatball slider was outta this world! I’m talking melt-in-your-mouth amazing, and not just the meat but the bread too. The thick meatball is bursting with flavor and oh-so moist! It sits between two little perfectly toasted buns. I mean you can feel the buttery crunch of the bread with each bite. Dressed with some fantastically chunky marinara, the combination is what I would rate a Perfect 10! This is a dish that will have me coming back to eat here time after time. Wow!


Meatball Slider was my favorite!


Pulled Pork slider was very nicely done!

I was really impressed by the pulled pork slider as well. The same deliciously toasted bun held an ample amount of tender shredded pork, topped with fried onion straws. I bit in for my first taste and actually smiled! The balance was just right – it was a sauce to make any Kansas Citian proud. This place got the Italian meatball right and now I see it even knows how to do KC barbeque!

Tav Salad

Outstanding Caesar salad.

Next I moved to a caesar salad. It’s a dish that can make or break a dining experience. Sometimes, I encounter a very poor Caesar at an otherwise great meal and it’s really a sad moment. Luckily, the Tavern did not disappoint. The beautiful pile of coated greens tasted even better than it looked. The dressing was delightfully forward. The dijon mustard was evident, but nicely balanced by the anchovy and lemon. It provided an aftertaste with a kick and left me wanting more. The crispy croutons finished it to perfection.TavCaesar


Crab cake BLT

For my entree, I had the crab cake BLT. It was nice, but I might make another choice next time just to see what else is offered. The crab cakes were moist and stacked on a big poppyseed bun with thick bacon, lettuce and tomato. Nothing to complain about, that’s for sure.

It was a very enjoyable meal and I will be visiting the Tavern, both at Mission Farms and Prairie Village, more often.

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