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Smokin Guns BBQ

Among the mix of industrial, storefront and office space of North Kansas City’s lower downtown, you will find one of Kansas City’s best barbeque spots. Yes, that’s the humble opinion of lil-ol-me, no credentials as a barbeque judge, just a girl who loves fall-off-the-bone, smoky, succulent meat.SmokSlab

Smokin Guns is a lunchtime staple for North Kansas City workers, both businessmen and blue-collar. Despite its recent move to newly remodeled digs directly next door to the restaurant’s original tiny space, there’s little fuss to be found. While the new location is spacious, the decor is still simple and the focus is definitely on the food.

Tight quarters, long lines but good food at the old location.

Tight quarters, long lines but good food at the old location.

For starters deviled eggs are nice, especially if you plan to go meat-heavy for your main course. The onion rings are pretty much your standard variety, but pair well with a mid-day sandwich.SmokinOR

The real draw for those faithful to Smokin Guns are the ribs! The slow-cooked, rich and succulent baby back ribs are not to be missed. Meaty and moist, these ribs are seasoned with a dry rub and every bite melts in your mouth.SmokRib

Pulled pork and beef brisket are also among my favorite Smokin Guns offerings. The brisket is far more juicy and tender than most I’ve encountered. The pork is fantastic – delicious even without sauce. But the Smokin Guns sauce is mighty tasty and goes just perfectly with the lightly smoked pork.


Tender and juicy brisket

Smokin Guns ranks high on my list of BBQ joints for several reasons, and their sides are a major factor. In addition to doing the standard barbequed beans and coleslaw extremely well, they offer some fantastic green beans, decadent potato casserole and even a broccoli casserole. I think the oil-n-vinegar coleslaw might be my favorite slaw around.


Outstanding coleslaw – a must-have

So take a trip north of the river – come on, it’s only 7 minutes from downtown – and get your hands on those awesome Smokin Guns ribs. But don’t forget the pork, brisket and the specialty sides. It won’t be your last trip.

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