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3 Women & an Oven


Pink Champagne and Raspberry Lemonade babycakes with a Kahlua & Cream cupcake

Some days I worry that I’m food-obsessed. It often begins when I have to run an errand in a part of town that I don’t frequent. Other times, it’s before I’m attending a volunteer meeting or visiting friends. There’s this frantic thought-process in my brain mapping out my driving path and placing little push-pins on all the yummy bakeries, gourmet shops, and restaurants that I will pass. “Where can I stop to try something new!?”. “What kind of favorite goodies can I pick up to share with my friends!?”.

Earlier this week, my mind kicked into high gear when I was headed to a salon in South Overland Park. I reviewed the directions and that “internal foodie GPS” of mine started spouting off directions in my head! This place was gonna be close to one of the best bakeries in Kansas City, 3 Women and an Oven.

3WplateWell now that you believe I would probably qualify as food-obsessed, let me tell you about my love affair with 3 Women & an Oven. I’m don’t believe there’s any crack laced into their cupcakes, but with the strong cravings they elicit I just can’t be sure. For my birthday, my husband brought home not only one of their signature mini Pink Champagne Girlfriend Cakes, but a whole box of a dozen assorted cupcakes to boot! While the buttons on my pants may disagree, I think it was definitely one of the best birthday gifts ever!!!

3WdozenI still remember the day I met 3 Women cupcakes about 4 years ago. It was totally unexpected. My husband picked up his car from the Randy Reed Chevrolet service department and as a thank you they sent home one voluptuous cupcake in a pretty little box. Watching my weight, I planned to have a couple bites then toss it in the trash. But this was no normal cupcake! I had never tasted a combination of moist flavorful cake with such decadent, creamy icing! I immediately googled the place and was both disappointed and relieved to find it was so far away from my neighborhood.

3WstoreSince that day, I’m on high alert anytime I head south of the I-435 loop. I soon discovered 3 Women cupcakes are also sold at Dean & Deluca – now if my opinion doesn’t convince you, that surely gives them some “street-cred”.

They make so many amazing flavors, I can’t decide on a favorite. But my go-to picks include their 24 Carrot (gold sparkles included), Coconut Key Lime, and Pink Champagne. The most out-of-this-world-indulgent cupcake has to be the Kahlua and Cream (fyi…the babycake version isn’t quite the same). This perfect chocolate cake is topped with an icing blend of very rich chocolate and coffee liqueur flavor. It hits the spot for my ultra-decadent chocolate fix every time!


Pink Champagne Girlfriend Cake


Ultra decadent Kahlua & Cream

I also love the Bananas Foster. Similar to carrot cake, the warm flavors of homemade banana bread are taken to another level with luscious, thick cream cheese icing. The caramel drizzled on top finishes it in style.


Box of babycakes to share

Of all the 3 Women cupcakes and cakes I’ve shared with friends, the hands down crowd-favorite is the Pink Champagne. Doused with actual bubbly, it has a very distinct flavor that balances the intense sweetness with an almost yeasty undertone. The pretty pink cake is fantastically moist and nearly stands up to the sinful pile of icing….just the ratio of cake to icing I prefer!

So my friends were pleased on Monday when I walked in with a box of 3 Women babycakes for our late afternoon meeting. And, just as importantly, I eased my conscience by joining with others in this exploitation of my sweet tooth. It may be an obsession, but in my mind 3 Women and an Oven is worth the mental squander as well as the extra time in the gym.3Wcase

3 Women and an Oven

14852 Metcalf Ave  Overland Park, KS 66223

(913) 681-7672

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