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Sweet Potato Sausage Hash

More snowy weather in Kansas City as we officially enter spring and I’ve got just the right dish!SwPplate

This time of year, I’m ready for bright, beautiful dishes with lots of color. But considering what I see outside, I’m craving a warm and hearty meal to eat by the fire. So my sweet potato and sausage hash has all the right elements.

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3 Women & an Oven


Pink Champagne and Raspberry Lemonade babycakes with a Kahlua & Cream cupcake

Some days I worry that I’m food-obsessed. It often begins when I have to run an errand in a part of town that I don’t frequent. Other times, it’s before I’m attending a volunteer meeting or visiting friends. There’s this frantic thought-process in my brain mapping out my driving path and placing little push-pins on all the yummy bakeries, gourmet shops, and restaurants that I will pass. “Where can I stop to try something new!?”. “What kind of favorite goodies can I pick up to share with my friends!?”.

Earlier this week, my mind kicked into high gear when I was headed to a salon in South Overland Park. I reviewed the directions and that “internal foodie GPS” of mine started spouting off directions in my head! This place was gonna be close to one of the best bakeries in Kansas City, 3 Women and an Oven.

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