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Annedore’s Chocolates

It almost feels like two-timing, but I can’t stop thinking about the decadent creamy goodness! I’ve discovered a new love – of the chocolate variety.

If you’ve read much of my blog, you know I’m head over heels for Christopher Elbow’s creations. Whether it be the awe-inspiring flavor feats on display in his artisan chocolates, outlandish ice cream flavors at his shop Glace or even chocolate beer on which he collaborated with Boulevard Brewery, I’m a huge fan.ChocWrap

So when a friend, last week, recommended I try the chocolates at Annedore’s I was skeptical. But I believed her to have good taste so I took that leap of faith.

“I really like their Port Wine hearts in dark chocolate,” she said. “They taste very fresh”. The term fresh was not something I had pondered much in relation to chocolates, but I was interested to find out what it was that she so enthusiastically endorsed.

Believing that very little could compare with Elbow chocolates, but finding that Annedore’s was on the way to my next errand of the day, I decided to check it out.

The darling storefront at 50th and State Line raised my expectations for what could be inside.ChocExt

It was a simple yet luxurious shop all ready for Valentine’s Day. Pink and red foil adorned chocolate bars of all shapes and sizes. Strawberry dressed in thick layers of creamy goodness were displayed on a crisp white cake stand. Each one looking lush and juicy.

Choc strawI headed straight for the display case with the perfectly spaced, shiny chocolates of varying shapes and sizes which sat in rows behind the glass.

The dark chocolate hearts my friend spoke of were lined up like little Valentine soldiers ready to march into a golden box wrapped with red ribbon and show someone they are very loved.

ChocRowI decided I would show my love with a box for the Tri Delta alumnae ladies I would be hosting later that evening. One lovely gold box full of Port wine hearts was loaded up just for them.

Atop the glass display case was a small dish holding four chocolates to be sampled. Irish Cream was the flavor of the day and, of course, I popped one in my mouth. Immediately I knew exactly what my friend meant when she called Annedore’s chocolate’s “fresh”. The outer shell broke lightly against my tongue, but it was followed by a quick-melting sensation of rich dark chocolate. It soon gave way to the lightly flavored, luxurious cream inside. These did not taste like your regular box of chocolates.onepoundbox

While Elbow features amazing and palate pleasing fireworks with flavors like balsamic, rosemary and sweet corn, Annedore’s offers more traditional flavor combinations. But these chocolates go far beyond your ordinary fare in the quality of the ingredients and the experience each contains.ChocTray

I found the Port Wine hearts to be every bit as wonderful as my friend had described. Intense and satisfying with each bite. As recommended by the clerk, one of my very favorite turned out to be the Coffee in milk chocolate. It presented a pure coffee flavor inside the delicate chocolate – a wonderful sweetness against the slightly bitter creamed filling. It was within itself a Perfect Bite! Next time I will definitely try to the Coffee in dark chocolate for increased decadence.

I must say, I loved everything I tasted and wanted to taste more. Perhaps Annedore’s will be just your taste for that perfect Valentine.

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