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JJ’s: A Special Place in our Hearts

Yesterday I was shocked to return home from a trip and learn about the tragic gas explosion at JJ’s. I know I speak for foodies and Kansas Citians alike when I say our hearts go out to Jimmy Frantze, his team, and the family of Megan Cramer.

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Annedore’s Chocolates

It almost feels like two-timing, but I can’t stop thinking about the decadent creamy goodness! I’ve discovered a new love – of the chocolate variety.

If you’ve read much of my blog, you know I’m head over heels for Christopher Elbow’s creations. Whether it be the awe-inspiring flavor feats on display in his artisan chocolates, outlandish ice cream flavors at his shop Glace or even chocolate beer on which he collaborated with Boulevard Brewery, I’m a huge fan.ChocWrap

So when a friend, last week, recommended I try the chocolates at Annedore’s I was skeptical. But I believed her to have good taste so I took that leap of faith.

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Consistently Craveable Brunch @ Grand Street

Kansas City offers many delicious weekend brunch spots. Be it the upper echelon like bluestem, the franchise spreads like Granite City and Bristol, or the king of country cooking Corner Cafe, we have lots of choices on a Sunday morning.GrandBuffet

One of my longtime favorites for quality, quantity and overall value is Grand Street Cafe just across from the Country Club Plaza. Sunday brunch at Grand Street can be just about anything you’re looking for: a quiet hour nibbling pastries and browsing the paper, a large table to feed all the family from great-grandmas to toddlers, or a plate piled high to help work through a hangover.

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