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Lunch @ Fritz’s Smoked Meats

I had driven past many times and heard radio commercials for this smoke house in the unassuming brick  building at State Line Road and I-435. Once I even tried to stop, but it was 5:02 pm and that place was locked up tight!Fritz ext

So when I was passing by recently in the middle of the afternoon, I decided to drop in for a sandwich. The commercials rave about the amazing smoked meat piled high between two slices. So I asked for either the best or the most popular.

The Bette Rogers was the clear choice. It’s a sandwich stacked with barbequed brisket, ham, bacon, onion, artichokes and roasted red peppers. Finished with mustard and mayo, this puppy sounded hard to beat.FritzSandwich

So I was pretty disappointed when I bit in and tasted a boring string of ingredients that didn’t seem to work together at all. I think the bread was the most distracting part. The thick hoagie bun had very little flavor and was so dry it sucked up the moisture from the other ingredients with every chew.

FritzCloseI knew a place like this couldn’t have been in business this long if something weren’t really good. So I dissected my sandwich to evaluate each component on its own.  The brisket was pretty tender but didn’t have much flavor – smoky or otherwise – and the barbeque sauce was rather dull. Now the thinly sliced ham, that was a winner! Deep brown, the juicy meat had a delicate smokiness. I wanted some of this to go home for snacking later in the week.FritzMeat

In choosing a side, I asked what was made in-house. The beans were recommended. Unfortunately, they were perhaps the worst baked beans I’ve ever tasted. It’s sad, but I think I prefer VanCamps out of the can. These didn’t taste much like barbeque or beans.Fritzbeans

I might return for a pound or two of that ham and would maybe try some smoked pork chops. But sadly, I won’t be stopping in for another sandwich.

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  1. I am sure they will be glad that you don’t stop in. Your tastes are what they are but grow up and stop trashing places that have been in business making money for years longer than you are old.

    January 30, 2013
  2. Shamrock #

    This is why food bloggers are terrible. They have zero information and a few hours of watching Rachael Ray and boom their an expert. You probably don’t realize this place smokes the meat for some of the same bbq places you have raved about on your blog. Put a famous name next to the meat and it’s amazing but don’t know much about the place and trash it. Food bloggers are the worst.

    January 30, 2013
  3. John #

    I agree with your evaluation of the place. The food does not live up to its reputation.

    January 30, 2013

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