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Best Party of the Year!

It’s a rare occasion that one gets to experience a party done perfectly. But the pleasure was all mine this month when I attended a friend’s birthday celebration on 12-12-12. No detail was overlooked, no comfort unimportant. But you might expect that from a lady whose business is planning corporate meetings and events. I knew it would be superb, but the experience was far more than I had

The fantastic theme and the attention to detail started early with a special delivery invitation from Trapp.


The dozen ceramic eggs arrived at my doorstep wrapped in a beautiful copper bow. Each carried a word of the message: “It dozen happen but once in a lifetime. Celebrate with me! 12.12.12.” Details of the party were attached to the top of the box.

Of course the party began at 12:12 pm. It was at a lovely event space just off Southwest Boulevard where the dozen eggs theme was carried out to the max!


Table assignments were found on paper eggs arranged inside a masterpiece floral “nest” that sat atop a large center table in the reception area.


Other cocktail tables were finished with gorgeous little “nests” of roses, feathers and eggs. Trapp executed the floral design and definitely didn’t lack for creativity. But it was our host who had the inspiration and provided the details to make it perfect.


As guests arrived, currant and prosecco cocktails were served alongside sparkling water. Each was accompanied by the most fantastically plush cocktail napkins embossed with the birthday girls’s name.

The reception area was buzzing with old friends reuniting and new introductions being made. Then came the big reveal.

Our hostess stood in front of a floor to ceiling soft gold drapery that stretched the length of the room. As she finished her welcome, the curtain was drawn back across the long room to open up the dining area complete with a floor of loose feathers!


More lavish floral nests flew over each table. Talk about an attention-grabber for a centerpiece. The bounty of white flowers cascaded over the sides toward a copious tablescape. Even the lamps were egg-shaped!


The table decor was phenomenal. The center was anchored with simple, flat egg cartons of luscious blooming roses, feathers, and an occassional hard boiled egg. Bronzed egg cartons served as placemats with clear square glass chargers on top. At the corner of each place setting, the guest found her name stenciled on an egg, just under the gleaming charger. For me, it felt like a child on Easter morning discovering the the most beautifully decorated prize of the egg-hunt. There was no question this event was focused on the guests and making them feel special.



Each table was named with a type of egg preparation: Scrambled, Hard Boiled, Poached, Omelette, Over-Easy. It was genius!

Baskets of delicate copper-colored wire held a dozen knives and a dozen forks.


And a quick glance at the menu explained why we needed all that flatware…..We were having a 12-course lunch!! Unbelievable!!

The food and service were done by none other than Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions. Stewart Lane was at the helm, preparing the food and plating it to perfection in the kitchen.


From a gorgeous pink deviled egg marinated in pickled beet juice to Fuyu persimmon risotto and smoked duck breast, this meal was extravagant!


Most of the bite-sized courses were served on small bamboo plates that perched perfectly upon the lush place settings.


Some of my favorite creations were the Spicy Roasted Cauliflower with Saffron Aioli and the amazingly moist and flavorful Caramelized Salmon.


As you might guess, 12 courses is a lot of food for a group of ladies at lunch. But it was so delicious, there wasn’t much left on our plates even during the latter courses.

Our hostess personally presented to each table the gorgeously wrapped parting gift of a jelly-filled doughnut traditionally served during Hanukkah. It was tagged with a copy of the lighthearted artwork that apparently inspired the entire event. Eggs, women, dozens, all on 12-12-12! How brilliant!


Never have I seen such a special touch in every element of a party. Bonnie’s 12-12-12- birthday lunch not only shared fantastic culinary, floral and design talent with her friends, but in every detail she shared her heart. And that is truly something no other event I attend can ever replicate.

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  1. The menu sounds amazing, the execution looks artful, and the hostess seems to inspire great love and loyalty among her close group of fortunate guests. What a memorable event — the florist and caterer seem imensely talented. Thank you for documenting the event and sharing your impressions. This was one for the ages.

    January 23, 2013
  2. Doc #

    Ecoiomnes are in dire straits, but I can count on this!

    December 31, 2014

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