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Burger Box @ Arrowhead

For those of you who love our KC gourmet burger joint Blanc Burgers + Bottles, you are in for a treat at Arrowhead Stadium.

I had heard there was a burger stand by Blanc last season, and one game I took a brisk stroll all the way around the concourse looking to find it. Not sure how I missed it really. It’s easily visible at near section 122 just behind the 50 yard line. But after talking with Blanc owner Ernesto Peralta this summer, I made sure to write down the location.

The choices are more limited than the restaurant, as you would expect for a sports venue food stand. But that doesn’t mean it’s basic. So many of the choices sounded amazing: Brat Burger, Lentil Burger, Turkey Dog. But the two I was torn between were the Classic Cheese Burger and the Corned Beef Burger. So of course, I did what I always do – ask the experts. The manager behind the counter said, “Corned Beef for sure!” and I was sold.

While the sweet potato fries were very tempting, I decided to pair it with the traditional French fries. Another option offered at Burger Box is Peralta’s newest frie creation called “Fire Fries”. Those I got a sneak peak of at the Plaza location before they were even on the menu. These puppies carried some heat! Great flavor, but a little too much fire for this girl’s mouth to handle.

All wrapped in a nice little foil paper, I took my voluptuous burger and the hot fries back to my seat. Adding nothing to the burger, I took my first bite and knew the manager was right! It was fantastic. Slightly salty, moist and rich, the smoothly ground corned beef was outstanding! Inside the burger was a lovely pink color, yet fully cooked. It tasted as though there was a rich cheese somewhere, but I could never find any signs.  It needed absolutely nothing on it! It was perfect just this amazing meat between a delicious bun.

And the fries lived up to the Blanc Burgers reputation. Crispy and thin, this mound of little potatoes perfectly cooked were some of the best stadium fries I’ve tasted.

Next time, I think I’ll go for the Classic Burger and Sweet Potato Fries (update: just tried those last week and they are superb!). In fact, when I’m done writing this I’ve got to check out the Chiefs schedule to see when my next opportunity might be. I’m pretty sure, if it’s Blanc – even at a sporting event – it will be just right!!

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