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Burger Box @ Arrowhead

For those of you who love our KC gourmet burger joint Blanc Burgers + Bottles, you are in for a treat at Arrowhead Stadium.

I had heard there was a burger stand by Blanc last season, and one game I took a brisk stroll all the way around the concourse looking to find it. Not sure how I missed it really. It’s easily visible at near section 122 just behind the 50 yard line. But after talking with Blanc owner Ernesto Peralta this summer, I made sure to write down the location.

The choices are more limited than the restaurant, as you would expect for a sports venue food stand. But that doesn’t mean it’s basic. So many of the choices sounded amazing: Brat Burger, Lentil Burger, Turkey Dog. But the two I was torn between were the Classic Cheese Burger and the Corned Beef Burger. So of course, I did what I always do – ask the experts. The manager behind the counter said, “Corned Beef for sure!” and I was sold.

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Thankful Sandwiches

Well I must say, I’m a little sad not to be in my own warm kitchen this Thanksgiving morning to see the sun peek through the windows onto my overfilled holiday counters, and to smell the sweet potatoes and pumpkin bread baking in the oven.  Instead I have a balmy Pacific breeze blowing across my face, warm sun on my feet and a view than can’t be described with words.

This year’s Thanksgiving morning view

I’m definitely not complaining about a relaxing trip to Mexico, but I have a little itch to get into the kitchen and make something deserving of this grand day. We will have a holiday dinner dropped off for the family later today. It was entitled “Thanksgiving with a Twist”. We’ll see what that means…..fingers are crossed for something tasty and fun.

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Bacon Roasted Green Beans

It’s sometimes the hardest dish to make exciting. When I’m tasked with making the side dish for a dinner party, I always want it to be a step above. But sometimes adding too much to a quality vegetable, just adds calories and heaviness.

A few weeks ago, the menu was basic: steaks, salmon and twice baked potatoes. The side dish was up to me and I was on a search to find something simple yet superb.

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Caprese – The Bazaar & Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

A trip to Los Angeles this fall was nearly torturous for this food-lovin’ girl. So many places, so little time and all that TRAFFIC with restaurants spread so far apart!! So I did what I could with the few free meals I had. That meant no maple-glazed bacon brioche donut, no fabulous food trucks, and sadly not even an In-N-Out Burger (still kicking myself for that one)!

Sweet juicy oven-roasted tomatoes at Pizzeria Mozza

But what I did find, were some of the best Caprese salads I’ve ever dreamed of. Both consumed in the same day and both wonderful beyond description.

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