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Storied Desserts

On a recent Sunday night, I sat in the candle-lit elegance of a simple patio in Prairie Village. One of our last temperate evenings, the air had just a slight chill and but the wonderful food warmed our souls.

Fried Strawberry Pie

It was a fantastic outing with good friends. And as you do with good friends, we gave in and ordered dessert.

The fried strawberry pie was one of my past favorites, so I was thrilled to share it with our friends.  A beautiful golden crust came adorned with sugar crystals and sat in a  pool of light honey syrup. On top was a perfectly round scoop of home-made lemon curd ice cream. One fork into the side and the fresh strawberry mixture came oozing out warm and bright. It was a delicious as I remembered. Pristinely crisp-fried crust against the warm sweet strawberries and cool tart ice cream was The Perfect Bite! Yummm!

German Chocolate dessert and Fried Strawberry Pie on the patio

For our more decadent cravings, we chose the German Chocolate Cake. Far fancier than the kind mom makes, this beauty was stacked high with layers of rich chocolate cake, white chocolate coconut mousse, and rich pecan caramel.

It’s finished with candied pecans and coconut chips and will satisfy any chocolate craving around.

The confection that stole my heart that night was simple yet extraordinary. Called Buttermilk pie, this little pastry had a thick hand-made crust filled with an impeccable mixture of buttermilk custard. The velvety cream was just slightly sweet but full of flavor.

Buttermilk Pie

Served with a sour cherry almond ice cream, the smooth nuttiness bit with a tart cherry now and then. It was incredible against the richness of the buttermilk and crust.

Of course it was all complemented with some tawny port and coffee from The Roasterie. Dessert doesn’t get much better than this!

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