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Zeppoles at Chiusano’s

Recently I found one of the most basically delicious desserts in Kansas City. I met with a friend visiting town at The Legends, a place I don’t seem to visit too often. After an extremely mediocre dinner at Stix (a place I don’t think I will visit again), we wanted a change of scenery while we continued our “chit-chat catch up session”.

After a quick search on her iPhone, my friend suggested Chiusano’s. Apparently, online comments were raving about their hot Italian doughnuts. So across the parking lot we went.

Set inside the former Ted’s Montana Grill, the new brick oven pizza shop was cozy and inviting. We reviewed the dessert menu and assumed the zeppoles were the heavenly doughnuts we had read about. We were right and the server gave enthusiastic endorsement to our choice of order.

Just a few minutes later a food runner was at our table holding a brown paper sack. He folded over the top, put his other hand at the bottom and shook it vigorously. After sliding a large soup bowl to the middle  of the table, he turned the sack upside down about it and the fried balls come rolling out.

Covered in powdered sugar, the inconsistently round puffs looked like you would find in any home kitchen. The but the aroma of funnel cakes was straight from the state fair. With my mouth-watering, I slowly took my first bite. Oh heavens! It was everything I hoped it would be. Warm, soft and just sweet enough! Delicious!

I tried to pace myself, but then again you don’t wanna miss these while they’re hot! Luckily, our server reassured us they were equally good as leftovers for breakfast. So back into the paper sack they went, and my friend took them home as a morning treat for her kids.

These delicious doughnuts were worth every calorie and I will definitely be back for more.
Chiusano's Brick Oven Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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