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Steak in Kansas City

Last weekend, I was disappointed to find that I couldn’t provide a strong recommendation for a Kansas City steakhouse. A friend had his parents in town from California and they wanted a great Kansas City steak at a great traditional steakhouse.

As I went through my “go-to” list for steak, I found myself verbalizing what I have wrestled with for more than a year now – there’s no outstanding LOCAL restaurant that fits the bill.

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Will new operator mean better food at Sprint Center?

With names surfacing of potential companies that could buy entertainment giant AEG, Kansas City foodies should be crossing their french fries that it ends up being the owners of Madison Square Garden.

Charles and James Dolan, whose MSG management company has done wonders with the food at Madison Square Garden, are cited as potential buyers.

I’ve said before that Sprint Center currently offers the worst food options of any Kansas City sports and entertainment venue, lagging far behind the offerings of Kauffman, Arrowhead and Livestrong. The fact that our major downtown attraction lacks great food and drink from quality local vendors and chefs is appaling.

Gourmet cupcakes and desserts served at Knicks game at Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden on the other hand provided perhaps the best sporting event food feast that this hungry girl has ever tasted. The Knicks games taste far better than any professional sporting event I’ve attended!

I know there’s more for Kansas Citians to consider when it comes to a new operator for the Sprint Center, but if this foodie has a vote – I want someone who knows the sport of great cuisine.

Zeppoles at Chiusano’s

Recently I found one of the most basically delicious desserts in Kansas City. I met with a friend visiting town at The Legends, a place I don’t seem to visit too often. After an extremely mediocre dinner at Stix (a place I don’t think I will visit again), we wanted a change of scenery while we continued our “chit-chat catch up session”.

After a quick search on her iPhone, my friend suggested Chiusano’s. Apparently, online comments were raving about their hot Italian doughnuts. So across the parking lot we went.

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Paella is Everywhere!

Going to Tampa Bay for the Republican National Convention, I was excited to try some great restaurants in the area. But I didn’t know exactly what kind of “local fare” I might expect.

Well Paella was the dish of the week! I’ve always enjoyed the wonderful concoction that can come with so many variations, but I must say it tastes a little better in Florida!

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Columbia Restaurant – Tampa, Florida

With Tropical Storm Isaac expected to sweep near Tampa last Monday, the Republican  National Convention was postponed for a day. With nothing to fill a wide open day that was expected to be filled with meetings and speakers, Missouri party officials did some quick switchups to our schedule and took the delegation to the historic Columbia Restaurant a day early.

Located in Ybor City –  the old ethnic epicenter of Tampa Bay – the Columbia restaurant is a landmark that draws visitors from far and wide.

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