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Home Cookin’ at Toot Toot

If you’ve ever headed up Interstate 35 toward Des Moines, you’ve probably seen the billboard halfway through the trip that reads TOOT-TOOT in all capital letters. Well next time, get off the highway at Bethany and get ready for some home cookin!

This small-town eatery with the funny name doesn’t have anything to laugh at when it comes to the lunch buffet. It’s like Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house with all the comfort food you can handle.

And here you get the one thing that can make comfort food even better….. it’s all you can eat.

The fried chicken is succulent and crispy, and there’s juicy sliced ham too! The mashed potatoes are heavenly! Creamy, smooth and savory, these spuds are just what you want to go alongside the yummy chicken and ham.

A small salad area awaits at the front of the buffet, but I definitely skipped over that in favor of saving room for all the REALLY good stuff. Green beans are cooked with bacon, and both creamy white and thick brown gravy stand steaming at the ready to accompany those mashed potatoes and fried chicken. Mmmmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

There is a dessert section with assorted cookies, cakes and brownies. But I prefer part of the main course to serve as my sweet ending. Homemade dinner rolls and Toot-Toot’s own Apple Butter are quite the indulgence!

It was fantastic! Perhaps I’ll find another reason to head north in the next few weeks, just to get some more. So get off the highway, pass all the drive-thrus and get some real, delicious food on your next road trip to Iowa.

Toot-Toot Family Restaurant

2905 Miller Street 

Bethany, MO 64424

(660) 425-7001

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