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Finding the Best Steak in the Midwest

It can really be a frustrating experience. Getting the same cut of steak from a restaurant or butcher, prepared in the same manner, but one time it’s fantastic and the next it’s average or even worse. It makes you ask, “What makes a good steak?”

Well that’s a question a new American Royal competition may come closer to answering. Known for it’s world series of bar-be-que, the American Royal Association is digging deeper in its rural roots and cattlemen’s culture with a new steak competition.

Cattle producers big and small can enter their best ribeyes into the contest for a chance to  claim the Best Steak title.

Most contests of this nature are about preparation….who has the best recipe, seasonings, and cooking methods. But this contest is about the best steak in its basic form.

Each steak will be prepared exactly the same, cooked with the same amount of salt and prepared to the same temperature. Then a panel of judges will determine which tastes the best.

Chef Jasper Mirabile

Two of Kansas City’s best known chefs will serve as judges for the inaugural competition. Chef Jasper Mirabile of Jasper’s Ristorante and Alex Pope of the Local Pig will take on the task of evaluating all the steaks and awarding the best.

There’s still time to enter and producers have nothing to lose since there’s no entry fee for this brand new competition.

Chef Alex Pope

The judging will take place on September 12 with the winners being honored at the American Royal Wine Competition, Tasting, & Auction on October 11.

Steaks can be submitted during the time of September 4-7, 2012. More information and the online entry form can be found at

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    Thanks for your time,Christie

    January 29, 2013

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