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Home Cookin’ at Toot Toot

If you’ve ever headed up Interstate 35 toward Des Moines, you’ve probably seen the billboard halfway through the trip that reads TOOT-TOOT in all capital letters. Well next time, get off the highway at Bethany and get ready for some home cookin!

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Finding the Best Steak in the Midwest

It can really be a frustrating experience. Getting the same cut of steak from a restaurant or butcher, prepared in the same manner, but one time it’s fantastic and the next it’s average or even worse. It makes you ask, “What makes a good steak?”

Well that’s a question a new American Royal competition may come closer to answering. Known for it’s world series of bar-be-que, the American Royal Association is digging deeper in its rural roots and cattlemen’s culture with a new steak competition.

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Lill’s on 17th

The walk up the narrow concrete steps cut into the steep front yard hints that you’re in for a unique dining experience. Looking like a house on this Westside block blending business and residential, I had never noticed the restaurant being there. But some girlfriends had been telling me we had to go for some time.

So on a recent Wednesday, I met up with the three gals I love to chow and chat with. It was a  quiet night at Lill’s, even for the tiny living room-sized dining room. Only one other couple sat among the 6 or 7 tables inside. That was fine by us, we were there to catch up and conversation was easy in the serene atmosphere.

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