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Superb tomatoes!

I noticed it first thing! As I put down my lunch on the counter in the office kitchenette, I saw this lovely little two-tone tomato setting pristinely on top of the microwave. I assumed a co-worker was having a salad for lunch and brought this fresh guy to carve up just beforehand.

All day he sat there. The petite, but luscious-looking tomato appeared ripened red on the bottom but dark green on top. I started to wonder why someone would pass up such a plump little gem at lunchtime, as it was already after 3 o’clock. Soon our intern spoke up and asked if we wanted to try the first tomato he had picked from his garden. Boy did we feel special…..the cream of the crop. Of course, loving most items homegrown, I was the first in line!

He said it was a Black Krim tomato, a variety originally from the Isle of Krim on the Black Sea in the former Soviet Union. He bought the plants at the Parkville Farmer’s Market earlier this year and thought he would give them a try.

The deep red tomato had a blackish-green juicy seed mixture inside. The slices were a beauty to behold. But the flavor exceeded anything they eyes could imagine.

This perfectly ripe tomato was succulent! There was a natural saltiness to it and just a touch of smoke. The flavor was more intense than you get even from other kinds of heirlooms.  Wow! I was ready to go plant my own greenhouse full of them.

Well now I know what’s first on my list for the patio garden next year! If you find these, buy a lot. Absolutely delicious!

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  1. Carl #

    Russian ‘black’ tomatoes have become very popular, the best have a taste that’s hard to beat

    Local plant stores will carry several varieties in spring – or if you want to try your luck from seed, this fellow has a great selection. I’d also recommend a couple of his French varieties if you’re growing from seed – look for ‘Carmello’ or ‘Dona’ we used to be able to buy these plants in KC but they fell from favor (while maintaining flavor!).

    September 18, 2012

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