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All Star Eats @ Kauffman Stadium

Monday’s Home Run Derby had MLB All Stars hitting it outta the park all night long. In similar fashion, Kauffman Stadium has some super-star food offerings this season that register as home runs on my scorecard!

The K has done a nice job of bringing some Kansas City favorites to our hometown ballpark. One of the hottest vendors, in both heat and popularity, is Jose Pepper’s! The Espinaca Dip is just heavenly! White and creamy with just enough kick to keep it interesting. It’s the perfect topping to a crispy, salty tortilla chip. But if you want a few more toppings with this melty cheesey dream, get the chicken nachos! They’re topped with a smoothly blended salsa and shredded lettuce. And don’t forget the chicken tacos with the succulent, well-seasoned shredded meat inside soft flour shells with shredded cheese and lettuce. FantastiKC!

Sheridan’s is now serving up both my favorite cocktail and dessert at the ballpark. These are NOT TO BE MISSED!! The Sheridan’s Unforked frozen margaritas are addictive! I’ve had one every game since I first tried them.

And of course the creamy, decadent frozen custard is not be missed. It’s the perfect indulgence on a hot day and the best possible way to conclude a ballpark meal. Sheridan’s kiosks throughout the stadium serve basic sundaes and kids’ topped treats (like dirt & worms). There’s even a take home souvenir when it comes served in a Royals batting helmet! But if you want the good stuff, the walk to centerfield to step inside the articly air-conditioned Sheridan’s store is well worth it! There you can get two of my very favorite creamy treats in the world: Wedding Cake Concrete and the Brownie Bling Pothole. But sometimes just the good ole Royal Turtle Sundae hits the spot.

On your way to Sheridan’s, you can stop for a Prairie Village fav. The Blue Moose Bar & Grill offers a sausage emporium I’ve yet to try, but it’s on the list.

The KC Cantina truck offers some great flavors of tacos and quesadillas, but I say the best option there is the amazing cinnamon sugar churros with filled with cream! Served warm, these pastries are just the right size and sweetness…..yummmm!

KC Cantina’s fish tacos are good. The large piece of white fish isn’t overly battered, but is nicely seasoned. Skip the short rib tacos. They reminded a little more of pot roast than the rich flavorful cut you might expect.

And if you’re going for some Kauffman ballpark food, try the beer battered fried pickles served with ranch dip. The burnt end sandwich with gouda wasn’t bad. All the barbecued meats at Kauffman are smoked at the ballpark, some for as long as 8 hours.

For as much as I like to eat at the ballpark there are still a few items I haven’t tried. Next on my list? I wanna try one of these!

  • Royal Bacon Blue Dog: An all-beef hot dog topped with blue cheese sauce, chopped bacon and red onion.
  • Cheesy Corn Brisket-acho: Crisp tortilla chips topped with smoked brisket, baked beans, cheesy corn, coleslaw and barbecue sauce.

But even for foodies, sometimes a day at the ballpark means a good old hotdog, brat or sausage. I like mine with kraut and mustard! Go Royals!

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