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Superb tomatoes!

I noticed it first thing! As I put down my lunch on the counter in the office kitchenette, I saw this lovely little two-tone tomato setting pristinely on top of the microwave. I assumed a co-worker was having a salad for lunch and brought this fresh guy to carve up just beforehand.

All day he sat there. The petite, but luscious-looking tomato appeared ripened red on the bottom but dark green on top. I started to wonder why someone would pass up such a plump little gem at lunchtime, as it was already after 3 o’clock. Soon our intern spoke up and asked if we wanted to try the first tomato he had picked from his garden. Boy did we feel special…..the cream of the crop. Of course, loving most items homegrown, I was the first in line!

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Reserve opens today!

Luxurious lounges with sleek, posh interiors and fine finishings are something you expect to find in New York and Las Vegas. But Kansas City’s dining scene gets kicked up a notch today with the opening of Reserve at the new downtown Ambassador Hotel.

This weekend I got a sneak peak at the grandiose dining room and, more importantly, the menu. I’m happy to report I’ve already got a girls night out planned to take in all the restaurant has to offer.

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Story’s Soft-Shell Crabs (while they last)

It was probably one of the best unplanned dinners I’ve ever had. Normally when you experience an amazing meal of fine culinary prowess, you had it planned, made reservations well ahead, and had been anticipating a great meal.
But my dinner this week at Story, in Prairie Village, was a spur of the moment decision. You see I was heading home from work thinking about the ultra-healthy grilled chicken I was planning for dinner when I peeked at Twitter while stopped at a light. Just a few scrolls down and there it was – beautiful golden-fried soft shell crab topped with sweet corn.

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Black Iron Grill – Rock Port, Mo

Just off Interstate 29 in far Northeast Missouri you will find some darn good deep-fried appetizers and a decent steak. Like most small towns in rural Missouri, Rock Port doesn’t have too many restaurants. But what it does have is BIG.

I’m talking about Black Iron Grill (BIG) – the sizeable steakhouse and cafe that’s likely one of the best places to eat for an hour in any direction. In fact, if you exit the interstate here at Highway 136, your only other food options are McDonald’s, Subway, and a convenience store (and  it’s not even a Casey’s with the yummy taco pizza).

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Biz Journal Breakfast Pics

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals….well, when it’s actually presented as a meal and not a protien shake consumed in my car. But a great breakfast is a real treat!

The Kansas City Business Journal recently put together a tantalizing slide show of the best rated breakfast spots around town. Can’t wait to check out some of these I have not yet tried.

All Star Eats @ Kauffman Stadium

Monday’s Home Run Derby had MLB All Stars hitting it outta the park all night long. In similar fashion, Kauffman Stadium has some super-star food offerings this season that register as home runs on my scorecard!

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Need My Foie Gras in Napa!!

Hotel reservations are made and I’ve already got more restaurants on the list than I have meals to eat. A trip to Napa Valley this fall promises to be a wonderful getaway filled with amazing culinary experiences. Oh yeah, and I plan to have some good wine while I’m there too. But first things first, the food is really my priority!

So my heart skipped a beat when I was reminded that THIS  LAST WEEK California’s ban on foie gras went into effect. For me a great foie gras preparation is the icing on the cake to an amazing dinner.

National food blogger/photographer and KC resident Bonjwing Lee wrote an outstanding post on California’s ban. I agree with him whole-heartedly!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some Napa chefs find foie gras to be as important to making a dinner extra-special as I do, and find a way to get it on my plate in a few months!

Herb Grilled Shrimp

This weekend, I needed a healthy, quick recipe for the grill. I was tired of chicken and looking to avoid red meat. Not in the mood for fish and having just made scallops, I settled on shrimp for dinner.

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