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Unforked Margaritas at The K

There are few things better than a tall, cold beer on a hot summer day at the ballpark….especially if it’s a Boulevard beer! So for me to add a new beverage to the mix means its gotta be a darn good drink.

I would definitely consider myself a lager and ale girl when it comes to baseball, but a new offering at Kauffman Stadium caught my eye last weekend. The Sheridan’s Frozen Custard stands are now selling frozen margaritas from its restaurant counterpart Sheridan’s Unforked.

How does a ballgame get much better!?!? Just at the top of the concourse before I head down to our seats, I see Jose Peppers and their heavenly espinaca dip steps away from Sheridan’s outstanding margaritas and the best frozen custard around to top it all off.

I got in line to try the new margarita, not because I was really in the mood for a tequila cocktail, but because of the Sheridan’s Unforked logo. My one visit to the self-service restaurant near 119th & Metcalf was DELICIOUS and quite memorable! So I knew I could expect a quality drink if it was coming from Unforked.

Boy was I right! The drinks are advertised as frozen margaritas, but I asked if I could have it on the rocks. After fair warning – and a very accurate description – that it would be pretty strong before blending with ice, I took my chances. She was right. It was a heavy pour, but the bright flavors of the lime and fruit came through fresh and balanced!

This was not the typical cocktail made with a powdered sweet and sour mix you normally find at a stadium. It was good tequila with real limes and made with care!

Later that weekend, I tried the frozen version. It too was phenomenal! Smoothly blended ice intermixed with the refreshing lime drink. If only the Royals had performed as well as my newfound cocktails that series!

Now, these fantastic libations don’t come cheap. At $12 a pop, they’re not on the low-end of the drink list. But I will say, there’s probably as much alcohol in one of these puppies as you find two regular mixed drinks elsewhere  in the stadium. And the relief it brings on a steamy hot afternoon, just can’t be beat! Well, maybe someday a Boulevard would win out. But kudos to Kauffman for giving us another hometown favorite to enjoy while rooting for our hometown team!

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