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Unforked Margaritas at The K

There are few things better than a tall, cold beer on a hot summer day at the ballpark….especially if it’s a Boulevard beer! So for me to add a new beverage to the mix means its gotta be a darn good drink.

I would definitely consider myself a lager and ale girl when it comes to baseball, but a new offering at Kauffman Stadium caught my eye last weekend. The Sheridan’s Frozen Custard stands are now selling frozen margaritas from its restaurant counterpart Sheridan’s Unforked.

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Cookies from Sienna

I’m facing a dilemma, but I know I have to do the right thing. Yes, this is a frivolous food matter that is weighing pretty heavily on my mind. Silly….I know. But you haven’t had a taste of these!
You see, I just returned from Italy and brought home some wonderful foodie items like balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oils and the most amazing cookies!

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Cabbage in Bacon Grease

Sometimes a great leftover becomes the key ingredient to a brand new delicious dish. I love looking at what I have in the fridge after a dinner party or in the cupboard after a weekend of company. You never know what kind of inspiration you might find.

Now, Local Pig is one place you never risk being uninspired. But it was an afterthought and a byproduct that served as the base of one fantastic side dish.

After cooking up some of their savory brown sugar jalepeno bacon, I decided the smokey wonderful grease was too good to toss out. So the next day I got a head of cabbage and went to work. Just a little of that wonderful bacon fat, some onion, cabbage, sugar and vinegar and I had the perfect side.

Get some of Local Pig’s wonderful bacon, or some from you local market, and give it a try!

Cabbage in Bacon Grease

1 small head green cabbage, shredded
3 tablespoons bacon fat
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

Wash cabbage. For shredding begin by cutting cabbage into quarters. Cut by making thin slices across the cut sides of the cabbage. Discard core and any tough ribs. Heat bacon fat in a large cast iron Dutch oven. Add cabbage and stir just until glistening. Lower heat and add sugar, salt and pepper to taste and continue cooking and turning until cabbage is just tender. Finish by tossing in vinegar.

Jean-Georges, New York City

I had heard the name many times, but didn’t give it much thought when selecting what special spots I would treat myself to in New York City. It was the suggestion of a food writer friend and his insistence that even a lunch experience would be outstanding at Jean-Georges that put it near the top of my list.
Located in the Trump International Hotel & Tower on the edge of Central Park at Columbus Circle, the dining room windows provide a glimpse of all the beauty, grandeur and hustle of New York. But inside and in the hands of a truly professional restaurant staff, the outside world fades into the background as the warmth, elegance and superiority of this culinary refuge takes you in.

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Shatto Coffee Milk

So I was breezing through the grocery store last weekend grabbing a few things for hosting family who was in town. As usual when I venture into the dairy section, the Shatto bottles caught my eye.

I don’t normally drink dairy, but I’m enamored by Shatto milk products. The glass bottles, the clean classic label, and the wonderfully fresh delicious treat inside. It’s an all-around winner.

So when I saw the little pints of flavored milk as I reached for the quart of 2%, I smiled and thought of that wonderful Root Beer milk Shatto does so very well. But next to it I came across one I had never seen – Coffee. Before I knew it, that bottle was off the shelf and inside my basket.

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Back in Love with Gram & Dun

It was the perfect night! A beautiful, sunny Sunday evening greeted us as we returned to KC after spending the weekend at a friend’s wedding. My mind was filled with thoughts of eating Minsky’s cheeseburger pizza on the couch — one of my go-to cheat meals before getting back on the wagon Monday morning.

But then the Hubs suggested dinner on the patio at Gram & Dun. “Really!?”, I thought. It was a great night for outdoor dining and I DO love the beauty of the Country Club Plaza in the spring. But my last meal there hadn’t wowed me like the ones before. Like any smart wife, I know these opportunities of a husband willing to go gladly do exactly what I so often ask are not common. So to the Plaza we went.

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Tasty Thai

You have to love a restaurant close to your workplace that does quick and delicious take-out. In Liberty, Tasty Thai fits the bill.

Just off the busy intersection of I-35 and Highway 152, tucked behind a starbucks, you can enjoy a nice sit-down lunch or dinner. Or you can just call ahead and pick it up. With locations on Metcalf and two in the Northland, you can find it whether you’re north or south.

I’m a big fan of Tasty Thai’s yellow curry with chicken. The soupy entree contains potatoes and spring peas and emanates a wonderfully full aroma. I consider it a pretty healthy choice if you don’t over-do it on the rice.

The fried rice is also a very good choice. The seasoning is robust but not overpowering and the portion size is very generous – even as the lunch special.

Additionally, a coworker gave the pad thai two thumbs up and cleaned the plate. So it must have been good.

We ordered the appetizer sampler which didn’t quite perform as well as the entrees. It offered egg rolls, pot stickers, shrimp purse, Poo Thong, golden triangle and shrimp dumplings. The problem was, aside from the egg rolls, it was hard to tell the other stuff apart. Nothing on the platter was bad, but nothing really stood out either.

I keep trying to talk myself into venturing out and trying their stir-fry or maybe a noodle dish. But I just love that curry so much, I keep going right back.

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