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Breakfast at Mildred’s

I had a breakfast meeting last week at a little coffee shop I had never been to. Even having driven by many, many times, Mildred’s Coffeehouse in the Crossroads was never even on my radar. I’m not sure how I had missed the lovely corner location with beautiful mosaic tile accents and inviting windows.

The minute I stepped inside, a rapturous aroma of freshly cooked bacon swept away my senses. And it distinctively smelled like the good stuff! Not sure I had ever associated the quality of a bacon with the exact essence I experienced, but this time I knew.

I sat down at the table with the ladies I was meeting and took in the beautiful space. Large windows allowed a flood of natural light, sizeable tables topeed with artsy floral arrangements were spaced nicely around the roomy space. It was homey and comfy, yet elegant in that shabby chic way. I loved it already and hadn’t tasted a thing!

After the meeting, I got a cappucino and a breakfast sandwich to take back to the office. But of course, I barely made it to the car before popping open the box and diving in for a bite of that fantastic bacon. Yep, the flavor lived up to the advertised aroma! But it the sandwich as a whole was much greater thatn the sum of its parts. The steamed eggs were fluffy but still substantive and the swiss cheese perfectly melted. But the best part was just a touch of dijon mustard lightly smeared against the wheat toast. Just lovely!

Well that’s all it took. I’m going back for another breakfast sandwich soon. And hopefully for more coffee and other pastry treats, too .

Mildred’s Coffeehouse

1821 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO 64108 

(816) 471-1155

And Downtown

Mildred's Coffeehouse on Urbanspoon

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  1. I love Mildred’s! One of my favorite places for coffee in KC

    May 25, 2012
    • I can’t wait for another morning in the Crossroads area so I will have an excuse to go again!

      May 28, 2012

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