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A Reliable Salad

Finding a really good salad is like relying on your favorite pair of cowboy boots. It performs the desired function without a lot of fuss, makes you feel sensible and grounded, and most importantly you just never get tired of it.

That salad for me is the Crispy Asian from Ingredient. This hearty cornucopia of greens, beans and peas makes for a filling and sensible dinner on the run. I find myself taking every opportunity to pick up this dish for a quick dinner before evening meetings or to take back to the office for lunch.

Piles of napa cabbage, bok choy, rice noodles, edamame, chopped red peppers, snow peas, carrots, and spicy cashews create a robust meal without to many calories (notice I left off the crispy wontons….sigh!!) The star of this show is the chili-glazed steak that can be cooked to order of you request it. The tender sirloin is sliced and served piping hot on top of the crisp cold greens. Top it off with the sesame ginger dressing (or use your own Newman’s Own Lighten Up Sesame Ginger dressing at home) and you’ve got a superb experience in healthy eating.

I love that I can find an Ingredient in three parts of town! Dine in or take it home at Leawood’s Park Place, the Country Club Plaza or Downtown KC.

Ingredient has other good salads, but for me none quit rise to the level of the Crispy Asian. I eat a lot of salad, so I think it appeals to me because it doesn’t use standard greens like romaine, iceberg or spinach. It’s an unusual treat and I’m gonna keep on ordering it till I just don’t want anymore – which will likely be a long time.


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