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Do’s and Don’ts of Gram & Dun

I think I still have a crush on Gram & Dun. The perfect plaza location, the rustic yet fresh interior, the super-fantastic patio and the enticingly edgy yet down-home menu keeps my interests peaked. My first visit was very good.

But now I feel a little bit like the high school girl who thought she was head-over-heels for the popular homecoming king and then left the group date a little bummed because he couldn’t hold a conversation.

House chips with 3 kinds of ketchup: vanilla, guacamole, and spicy blood orange

Now, the crush is still there but maybe some reality has set in. The fanfare begins to fad and you think he could be a really awesome guy that’s just a little shy when you get up close and personal. Or maybe he’s new to the dating game, like any young high-schooler…..or any six-month old restaurant still working out its kinks.

So I think there’s still a foodie crush in my heart for the potential plaza gem. But my second visit and, more importantly, inaugural trip to the patio left me wondering what would happen next time.

After an overall enjoyable evening on the patio with girlfriends, I took away a few do’s and don’ts for your next visit:

  • DO sit on the beautiful expansive patio. Service was good – better in fact that most patio dining locations. Even on a sultry spring evening, a little of the AC was rolling out the wide open floor-to-ceiling space and giving us a little breeze. Tables are generously sized and sturdy and the chairs were quite comfy! You could relax there all night.
  • DO order one of the specialty cocktails. The list is fun and flirtatious, bold and beautiful.
  • DO come early (or send a seat-saver) if you want a table outside. Just after six, we made it just before the patio filled up. Then the hostess was telling people it would be an hour or more for outdoor seating.
  • DON’T forget your sunglasses. Even though the patio is shaded by evening, the cool kids were still wearing them. AND you can stare at the inviting dish on someone else’s table, monitor their reaction and they’ll never know!

    Can’t go wrong with Boulevard Tank 7

  • DO enjoy a Boulevard Tank 7 in the sun. It just feels good! And it’s oh-so Kansas City!
  • DO get plenty of apps to share. The house-made chips were nice served with three distinctive sauces and the pork belly is might tasty! I say pass on the fondue – other apps offer more flavor.

    Pork Belly appetizer

  • DON’T haphazardly order your salad. Some on the menu are phenomenal, others are somewhat forgettable. I like the Jackson salad as well as the shaved Brussels sprouts salad (but you REALLY need to like sprouts to enjoy it!)
  • DO ask your server for recommendations and to explain some of the dishes. The waitstaff is knowledgeable and willing to show it off. Best of all…they eat there regularly and know what’s good!
  • DON’T expect the chicken and waffles to be as good as the dish you had “down South” that you’ve been building up in your mind. They’re not. Sad. But the hotsauce it comes with a killer if you’re looking for some awesome kick!
  • DO add to your order whenever the notion hits you. Whether it’s just another glass of wine or a last minute salad added to your courses, the service is efficient and a runner will get your drink or dish out right away even if your server is busy at the moment. It’s great to know your plate’s not baking under the heatlamp in the window.
  • DO try out a sandwich. I haven’t made it that far on the menu yet, but the ones I’ve seen and heard about look like real winners!
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