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Local Pig

I finally made it down to check out the hottest new butcher shop in town. My intrigue was high and expectations too. I was pleased to find the trip to the Local Pig was just as enjoyable as indulging in their food.

It was a little off the beaten path, but a pleasant drive into an area of town I have never ventured. Tucked in the East Bottoms amidst what seem to be vacant buildings is a quaint nostalgic storefront and a darling pigface on the door.

Inside there were a couple people in front of me. It gave me time to survey the meat case and read the chalkboards painted onto the wall. The list of sausages immediately caught my eye: Roasted garlic rosemary pork, Buffalo Chicken with celery, Chicken Sundried Tomato, and my very favorite of the bunch Lamb Feta. (I will tell you more about the food and how I prepared it in another post.)

I had plenty of questions and Miles Mason, former chef at R Bar, answered every one and even threw in the some cooking tips! As we chatted, an employee behind the counter was sectioning chicken.

The most prominent items in the case were the monstrous Flintstone-sized bone-in ribeye. I could not believe how big they were. Miles explained they were twice the size of a standard cut ribeye. They came from a farm near Excelsior Springs he said. I settled on two of them, thinking that would be more than enough meat for us and my visiting parents.

I had heard about the Bourbon Brown Sugar and Jalapeño bacon, so I took a half pound home. It turned out to be as yummy as it sounded!! Rich, perfect thickness and just an ever-so-faint touch of heat.  A little sweet with a warm spicy undertone. It could’ve used a little more kick to live up to the name, but definitely the best bacon ever made in my kitchen.

Something on top shelf of the cooler caught my eye. Dark and marbled with a gelatinous looking texture. I asked what it was and Miles, grinning broadly with a near chuckle, said “It’s Black Truffle Foie Gras Headcheese”.  I think he expected that I would ask what headcheese was, but instead I asked him to wrap some up! It made a great appetizer atop some freshly slice baguette bread.

Before leaving, I threw in a couple pork chops and some “Old Fashioned” honey (not old fashioned like from the Wild West, but like the drink!). I wanted to take home more  but knew I already had my hands – and refrigerator – full!

The trip to Local Pig felt anything but local. The fantastic gourmet sausages, delicious bacon and quality steaks will definitely keep me going back! And the hours are great – open everyday well into the evening.

Local Pig
2618 Guinotte Ave
Kansas City, MO

10:30a – 7:30p

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