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‘Round Town: New @ Blanc Burgers

Check out the post from local food blog What You’re Missing KC about new offerings at Blanc Bugers + Bottles. As you might know, it’s one of my favorite spots for a casual bite!

 Now they’re offering a happy hour and late-night menu, plus sliders!! Can’t wait to try it out.



If you’re a big falafel fan, like I am, then you could be in for a treat next weekend. It’s said to be “the best falafel you’ll taste outside Jerusalem” and it’s right here in Kansas City at KosherFest on Sunday, June 3.

But don’t make your decision to attend on falafel alone. My friends with first hand knowledge say you cannot miss the Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and the Chicken Shish-Kabob…that they are incredible! I know I want to find out for myself. If the food at KosherFest even comes close to the amazing dishes I devoured in Israel earlier this year, you really have to experience it.

The congregation even shares recipes for KosherFest foods on its website.


For your sweet tooth, be sure to try the Rugelach pastries. These small fluffy roll-like delights contain a fruit and nut filling. Just the right treat on a summer afternoon in the sun. And if you miss it this year, you’ll have to wait two years till Congregation Ohev Sholom puts on the festival again.

shish kabobs

You can even take your non-foodie friends. There will be live music, a children’s area and a Shuk (market) selling jewelry, crafts and books.

Come with an appetite and enjoy!


June 3, 2012

11am – 5pm

75th & Nall

$2 Admission

Breakfast at Mildred’s

I had a breakfast meeting last week at a little coffee shop I had never been to. Even having driven by many, many times, Mildred’s Coffeehouse in the Crossroads was never even on my radar. I’m not sure how I had missed the lovely corner location with beautiful mosaic tile accents and inviting windows.

The minute I stepped inside, a rapturous aroma of freshly cooked bacon swept away my senses. And it distinctively smelled like the good stuff! Not sure I had ever associated the quality of a bacon with the exact essence I experienced, but this time I knew.

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A Reliable Salad

Finding a really good salad is like relying on your favorite pair of cowboy boots. It performs the desired function without a lot of fuss, makes you feel sensible and grounded, and most importantly you just never get tired of it.

That salad for me is the Crispy Asian from Ingredient. This hearty cornucopia of greens, beans and peas makes for a filling and sensible dinner on the run. I find myself taking every opportunity to pick up this dish for a quick dinner before evening meetings or to take back to the office for lunch.

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‘Round Town: Outdoor Dining

I love to see what other local food blogs are saying and recently came across a very timely and useful list of great places to dine outdoors in Kansas City.

Cowtown Chow compiled a Top 10 list last month naming his favorite spots for sunshine and fresh air along with great food and drinks. It’s a nice list! Funny though, I’m more familiar with the spots in his “honorable mention” category. That just means there are more great places I need to check out!

There are few spots I would definitely add the the list:  Story, Grand Street Cafe (especially for a breezy Sunday brunch) and the Plaza’s hottest new patio Gram & Dun.

Do’s and Don’ts of Gram & Dun

I think I still have a crush on Gram & Dun. The perfect plaza location, the rustic yet fresh interior, the super-fantastic patio and the enticingly edgy yet down-home menu keeps my interests peaked. My first visit was very good.

But now I feel a little bit like the high school girl who thought she was head-over-heels for the popular homecoming king and then left the group date a little bummed because he couldn’t hold a conversation.

House chips with 3 kinds of ketchup: vanilla, guacamole, and spicy blood orange

Now, the crush is still there but maybe some reality has set in. The fanfare begins to fad and you think he could be a really awesome guy that’s just a little shy when you get up close and personal. Or maybe he’s new to the dating game, like any young high-schooler…..or any six-month old restaurant still working out its kinks.

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Hereford House

I’m such a big fan of Kansas City and really want to support my town and it’s homegrown businesses. So it’s always caused me some consternation that I just can’t get excited about KC’s hometown steakhouse Hereford House.

It seems even in college, before I lived here, we would eat at Hereford House during a weekend trip, and I recall going several times in the first year after moving to KC. After all, so many people will direct you to their nearest location if you ask where to get a good steak. But each time, I left thinking it wasn’t all that people had told me.

Even though it’s not on my list of places to go, I do end up there sometimes for group dinners or a friend’s birthday. This week, Hereford House was my mother-in-law’s pick for dinner after running some errands in Zona Rosa. I was actually up on the idea! It would give me a fresh look at a place that continues to be a KC staple and perhaps I had just had bad luck dining there.

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Don’t Miss this Spring Pop Up Restaurant

Chef Stewart Lane is back for his second pop-up restaurant and you better make  your reservations soon! “Stewart at Morningside” presents a dinner entitled Farms in Bloom – a five-course culinary experience at the Brookside location.

This winter, I attended the first “Stewart at Morningside” event. It was an indulgent, comfortable and memorable evening of friends and food. This pop-up only runs three nights, from May 17-19 and seating is limited. So grab a few friends and treat yourself to a very unique night out to dinner in KC.

For reservations call (816) 444-8372


Local Pig

I finally made it down to check out the hottest new butcher shop in town. My intrigue was high and expectations too. I was pleased to find the trip to the Local Pig was just as enjoyable as indulging in their food.

It was a little off the beaten path, but a pleasant drive into an area of town I have never ventured. Tucked in the East Bottoms amidst what seem to be vacant buildings is a quaint nostalgic storefront and a darling pigface on the door.

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Reuben for Breakfast

Last weekend I encountered an unexpected treat at one of the least likely places.  I was visiting my parents at Lake of the Ozarks and went with dad Saturday morning for our traditional diner breakfast.

Now, good eatin’ is not something you count on around the lake, especially in the less populated areas like where my parents live. It’s normally the bowling alley’s café, Trails End, or Chances R – which is really just a room on the side of a dive bar that doesn’t have liquor bottles stacked on the shelves.

Sometimes these places are decently good, other times you just grin and bear it. So when Dad told me we were headed to the Wee Chef Diner, I figured I would end up with a sloppy, greasy Denver omelette and overcooked hashbrowns.

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