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Blanc Burgers + Bottles

American Kobe burger

From my very first meal at Blanc Burgers, it’s been one of my favorite KC indulgences and a place I love to take visitors. It’s near the top of my list for “cheat meals” when dieting but still offers some sensible fare – if you have the willpower to withstand all the delectable delights around you.

With my parents recently in town, we were wanting a really fantastic meal but didn’t have a lot of time to spare. I knew Blanc Burgers would serve up some phenomenal food without much wait and they could experience one of the highlights of Kansas City dining.

There’s always so much to enjoy at Blanc Burgers – wonderful fried fare like housemade onion rings or sweet potato fries, enticing salads, soooo many kinds of burgers and some amazing shakes to top it all off.

I was pleased to find a new addition to the menu, Gouda cheese fries, listed under the appetizers. I’ve always liked their fries and was glad to see them used to offer a crowd favorite. They came out quickly and did not disappoint. The thin crispy Blanc Burgers fries were topped with a creamy orange Gouda that was well seasoned and slightly salty. Chucks of bacon lardon were scattered across the top with scallions. These were great! The dish had a satisfying flavor and left you wanting more. The only improvement to be made was that some of the bacon was almost too hard to chew. Otherwise, cheese-frie-lovers will delight (as for how they compare with others? I think the cheese fries at Sheridan’s Unforked win out, but only by a smidge).

Another great starter at Blanc are the monster calamari steak fries. They come with an ouststanding aioli for dipping.

As always, I went with the Butter Lettuce Salad as a second course. This has to be one of the most satisfying yet light salads around. The delicate crisp butter lettuce is tossed in a sherry dijon vinaigrette and topped with strips of wonderfully crisp and sweet fuji apples. The gentle bite of soft blue cheese chunks offset the sweetness so that the salad is balanced in both texture and flavor. It really is awesome!

The it was time for the main event! And let me tell you, I feel like I’ve been in the ring for a good fight after eating at Blanc Burgers. The food is just so darn good that I want to keep eating until I’m stuffed. Yes, character flaw….but one that’s really enjoyable at the time. When I’m there, it’s just hard to pass up all the deliciousness around!

Oscar Burger

So Dad went with my favorite, the American Kobe burger. This is my tried and true stand-by Blanc Burgers order. Other burgers are phenomenal, but I’m never as satisfied as when I go with this simple luxury. And a luxury it is made from kobe-style beef and topped with red-wine marinated onions, truffle butter, a few sprigs of watercress and just a smear of mustard aioli…..mmmm-mmmm! I’m rarely one for LESS toppings on a burger, but this baby is so good it needs nothing else.

I decided to try something a little different while sticking with my foundational American Kobe. The Oscar is the kobe-style patty fancied up with blue crab, grilled asparagus and a béarnaise aioli. It was very  nice. But as usual, I really liked just the American Kobe better. What I did enjoy about the Oscar is that it wasn’t overly topped. As I said, this beef can stand alone, so this burger nicely complements the flavorful meat without overpowering sauces and ornamentation. I really expect a stronger béarnaise flavor, but it was really almost absent. The crab was moist and delicious….I actually enjoyed eating it alone.

Blue cheese mixture oozing from the Inside Out burger

Mom went the route of the Inside Out Burger, one of their most popular. This patty is filled with blue cheese before it’s grilled which can make for an interesting first bite! I advise cutting into it first to avoid a blow out of an au jus filled blue cheese mess. Not so pretty when it runs out the side, but quite tasty combined with the applewood bacon and onion ring on a brioche bun. Mom and I split our burgers and shared both kinds – one of the joys of dining with family!!

I found many Perfect Bites, one of which was a nice chunk of bacon, on a ketchupy part of the bun dunked in the creamy blue cheese filling….oh so nice! Then to make it even more perfect, I followed that combo with a bite of the house-made pickles – still dill but a slightly sweet.  Now that was true burger enjoyment!

It’s nearly a crime to dine at Blanc Burgers and not give in to an order of sweet potato fries or onion rings, or both!! I also like their truffle fries. But this day we dove into mini-shopping carts full of sweet potato thinly sliced, crispy outside and warm and soft within. Wow! And so good with the that spiced up little side of orange dipping sauce they bring with.

Now the Boulevard Pale Ale battered onion rings and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. I can NEVER pass them up. And the first few bites are usually full of satisfaction with the sweet but savory batter crunching against the thick onion inside. But a few bites later it’s just a little too much, and I’m not one to stop indulging because a dish is too rich. It’s really that the crisp outside becomes too chewy as they cool. After the first few bites, there’s just a little too much grease involved.

Mom finished the meal with a fantastic chocolate custard shake. She’s a  hard one to please when it comes to ice cream and she loved it. She expects and extra chocolatey, ultra-thick and rich dessert and that’s exactly what she got! I had a taste and the rich cool custard was glee in a glass!

The service on this visit was really fantastic. Our server was friendly, helpful and prompt. He answered all our questions and always had a friendly smile. Combined with the consistently cravable food, this makes Blanc Burgers a must-eat on the KC food circuit!!


Plaza Location

4710 Jefferson St  Kansas City, MO 64112
(816) 931-6200

Leawood Location

10583 Mission Road  Leawood, KS 66206
(913) 381-4500

Nebraska Location

Suite 7113  3157 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 502-3686

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