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Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse

It’s a very fun way to enjoy dinner with friends. Watching your meal made right before your eyes can be a treat to take in at many places, even the corner diner. But when flaming onions and flying shrimp are involved, it turns into entertainment.

With my high-school aged cousin in town for spring break, I wanted to take her somewhere fun. Having just learned to use chopsticks eating sushi her first night in town, I figured why not give her a little more pratice and throw in some eye-mouth coordination drills too!

I had been to this particular Teppan Yaki restaurant a few times in the past several years and found it to be good for a place tucked into an old strip-mall. But since I started writing about food,  I’ve had both an awful and a fantastic experience at Japanese steakhouses. So I was eager to see where Tokyo fit into the mix.

The place was busier than I expected on a rainy weeknight, especially in the area around Metro North Mall where snagging customers on their way to-and-from nearby businesses is unlikely. This was destination meal for most everyone inside. We were seated at a partially filled table and the waitress arrived shortly for drink orders.

We were off to a rocky start when I orderd shrimp & vegetable tempura, but the waitress said there was none. I then opted for softshell crab, but none of that either. Some problem with the batter.

But once the chef got started it was quite a show. Flames, flipping knives, flying shrimp and sizzling steaks….it was great to sit back and take it all in.

The shrimp was cooked perfectly, not overdone.

Steak was pretty average.

Chicken tasted very moist and flavorful.

I definitely ate too much fried rice but had  a super-fun time with my little cousin. In the end, the food was good. It may not be Benihana, but Tokyo can stand on it’s own and serve up a boisterous time too.

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