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Minsky’s, My Love!!

Yesterday’s lunch was a little sampling of my favorite Minsky’s pizzas. With family in town, we needed something fast and easy, but I still wanted to share the best of what Kansas City has to offer. So Minsky’s was an excellent choice.

I didn’t intend to write about our little pizza-fest or I would have snapped some pictures and taken a few notes to better describe this KC treasure. But I keep thinking about how delicious and satisfying every slice was. So here I am sharing my love for the consistently wholesome and savory slices of joy! I wouldn’t consider this a full “review” of dining at Minsky’s….just gushing about how awesome carry-out pizza can be in this town.

The menu really offers so many choices in pizza flavors and combinations that you’re likely to satisfy any palate. In fact, Minsky’s even offers a gluten-free menu that includes three kinds of pizza and a couple appetizers.

We narrowed the choices down to three of my favorites (it’s good to be the hostess!) and one more that looked pretty interesting.

jumbo combo pizza

Cheeseburger Pizza, Jumbo Combo and Five Star Cheese are the favorites around the Roe house. It’s usually really difficult to pick just one, so I’m always excited to have a crowd to feed which justifies ordering one of each! Sometimes if we’re only getting one pizza, I will order the Five Star Cheese Crisp as an appetizer. It’s a mini-version of that flavor served on a very think crispy crust.

I think the most unique of my Minsky’s staples is the Cheeseburger Pizza. It’s topped with hamburger, onions and a very sweet tomato sauce that seems a cross between marinara and ketchup. But the best part is the pickles and mustard. Talk about finding The Perfect Bite!! They are sewn throughout this masterpiece! Just the right touch of mustard and little pickle along with the cheesy meat and soft crust….it’s phenomenal!

Minsky's Mediterranean Pizza

The Jumbo Combo is Minsky’s version of a super supreme. It’s extremely flavorful and intense. I order mine with a little extra marinara. The original crust stands up well to the plethora of toppings and their weight.  Five Star Cheese is perhaps the richest, simplest pizza I’ve tasted. The alfredo base and the rosemary sprinkles really add just the right touch to the blend of cheeses. We got ours on the deep dish crust and it was fantastic!

Our new adventure yesterday was the Mediterranean Pizza – lamb sausage with pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, topped with feta and mozzarella cheeses. It was great and I will definitely order it again.

What I noticed as everyone tasted and tried the different flavors yesterday, was they were blown away by how down-right delicious this pizza is! Yes, the creative flavor combos are a great feature at Minsky’s but it’s truly the great quality of crust, cheese and ingredients that make this an exceptional culinary experience!! Now, if there’s only a few slices left-over in the fridge today…..

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