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Mi Hacienda in Liberty

For a quick weekday lunch, Mexican is often a popular choice. Working in Liberty, we have our fair share of Mexican restaurants but no one can seem to agree on which one is best. The cantina that a few of us love, two others can’t stand and there are mixed reviews on other local spots.

So we had high hopes when Mi Hacienda opened in a location that had housed a mediocre Mexican restaurant which closed last fall.

The newly painted and better-appointed interior was a welcome site. We quickly received two baskets of warm chips with carafes of salsa – just the way I like it! It must be my tendency to double-dip, but I really appreciate having my own little bowl that holds just MY salsa. And I love having plenty more on the table I can use to refill it as soon as it gets low.

The chips were crispy, light and delicious. The salsa was pureed pretty thin and had an underlying “canned” taste – not as fresh as I like.

Our orders of  queso blanco and guacamole were on the table in no time. The guacamole was pretty good with sizeable chunks of tomato and jalepeno mixed in. But it was a little too creamy to be pure avocado – a filler was likely mixed in. The queso dip was very thin and runny. The flavor was fine, but I would have preferred to have some peppers and tomotoes mixed in. Once it got nearly cold, it seemed to be the right consistency.

I ordered my standard Mexican fare – chicken fajitas. The were just about smack-dab average. The pieces of chicken were very thin and almost hard to find among the onions and peppers. The seasoning was good, but nothing to write home about. Now the bean, for some reason, really got my attention. These ultra smooth and light refried beans were quite yummy.

My coworker who had the chicken enchiladas didn’t think they were anything special. Two other coworkers had ordered a chimichanga. One said it was very good and the other called it mediocre. Again, quite different views on the Mexican food!

We might give Mi Hacienda one more chance to see if it improves after being open for a while. But from this intial taste, it’s unlikely the restaurant will make it into our rotation of prefered lunch spots.

Mi Hacienda

290 S State Rt 291 Liberty, MO 64068

(816) 792-2737

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