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Sweet Sunday Treat

Everytime I pass a Latte Land coffee house, I have to exercise self control. Not because I love their Non-fat Almond Cappucinos so much (yes, they are wonderful), but because of one amazing confection in their pastry case.

Latte Land’s Wedding Cake Cookie is at the top of my list for a sweet, indulgent treat. And today, I just couldn’t tell myself no! I’d already enjoyed a yummy and filling breakfast sandwich I made for company and had consumed just enough satisfying home-brewed caffiene. But after running a morning errand and before heading to church, the thought of this rich, soft cookie made me detour right into the Latte Land drive-thru.

If you’re a fan of traditional white, moist wedding cake – and I mean the good stuff – then you should be saying “I do” when you see this beauty shining bright behind the glass display. I can’t think of much that pairs better with anything from a simple black coffee to an outlandishly flavored latte. This round little gratification really does live up to its lofty name. The decadently smooth buttercream icing, piled high, makes this treat what it is. But it’s also got a solid foundation in the thick, chewey, just-sweet-enough sugar cookie.

It’s a special indulgence I have less than once a month (I’ve never looked into the nutritional info and am pretty sure I don’t want to know!). But I think I could savor this monster moist iced sugar cookie everyday and it wouldn’t grow old. I’m pretty particular about my desserts – they have to be worth EVERY calorie! And Latte Land gets these dreamy delights right every time, day in and day out. When it’s time to have my “cheat treat”, I can count on this little gift of goodness to be worth it – perfection every time.

It was no different today. I had already regaled in two whole magnificent bites before my drink even made it through the window and into my car. Then it was The Perfect Bite – a bit of cookie topped with creamy frosting followed by a sip of rich warm cappucino. And all on a bright beautiful Sunday morning. What a way to start the day!!

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