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Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse

It’s a very fun way to enjoy dinner with friends. Watching your meal made right before your eyes can be a treat to take in at many places, even the corner diner. But when flaming onions and flying shrimp are involved, it turns into entertainment.

With my high-school aged cousin in town for spring break, I wanted to take her somewhere fun. Having just learned to use chopsticks eating sushi her first night in town, I figured why not give her a little more pratice and throw in some eye-mouth coordination drills too!

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Sheridan’s Unforked

In recent months, I had seen the name a few times but only knew of one person who had actually eaten there. I don’t get to the 119th & Metcalf area often enough, but do try to venture that way to visit a worthwhile eatery. From what little I knew, Sheridan’s Unforked had a reputation for some pretty good food and, of course, I had to experience it for myself.

Barking Pig Taco

I guess I expected a place more along the lines of its frozen custard stores. I anticipated a 50’s-esque, sterile feeling dining room with hard white booths recycled from an older venue. You know, it’s the kinda place you imagine when you smell that extreme-freezer, overly air-conditioned aroma that flows out the window of the Sheridan’s in the dead of summer (the smell I don’t mind one bit because I know how good that custard is about to taste!). But it was completely different. Read more

Healthy in Vegas?

Las Vegas is designed to cater to your every indulgence. But what if you want to see the other side, the healthier activities and cuisine?

L'Atelier Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand

I’ve been to Vegas on a strict diet exactly once. So strict that I made all my own food at home, froze much of it and carried it with me in coolers until the mini-fridge was delivered to my room. Luckily, I was booked solid at the host hotel all week and didn’t have much time to be tempted by all The Strip and it’s esteemed kitchens have to offer.

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Minsky’s, My Love!!

Yesterday’s lunch was a little sampling of my favorite Minsky’s pizzas. With family in town, we needed something fast and easy, but I still wanted to share the best of what Kansas City has to offer. So Minsky’s was an excellent choice.

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Smoked Turkey Meatloaf

Some home-cooking staples can be in your recipe box for life. Now and then, you might learn of a new recipe and sometimes try a variation. If you’re lucky that change may end up re-writing your recipe card.

I always loved my mom’s meatloaf – a traditional recipe using oats and tomato sauce. But in a search for lower calorie recipes, I came across a fantastic meatloaf made with turkey breast, salsa and Knorr’s Vegetable Soup Mix.

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Mi Hacienda in Liberty

For a quick weekday lunch, Mexican is often a popular choice. Working in Liberty, we have our fair share of Mexican restaurants but no one can seem to agree on which one is best. The cantina that a few of us love, two others can’t stand and there are mixed reviews on other local spots.

So we had high hopes when Mi Hacienda opened in a location that had housed a mediocre Mexican restaurant which closed last fall.

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Sprint Center vs. Madison Square Garden: The Food

Last weekend I was lucky enough to cheer on the Mizzou Tigers at the Sprint Center as they won the Big IIX Championship game. But you might consider me UNlucky to have found myself pretty hungry when I was there!

A typical food counter at the Sprint Center

While the Sprint Center is supposed to be the crown jewel of our revitalized downtown, evidence of Kansas City’s culinary attainment is nowhere to be found. In fact, compared to other venues, the Sprint Center is nearly devoid of worthwhile food.

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Westport’s Dynamic Dinner Duo

Sometimes I find after having a couple great experiences at a restaurant, I’m so excited to return that my expectations exceed the experience. Well, that is definitely NOT the case for PotPie and the bluestem lounge in Kansas City’s Westport area.

I consider this combo to be the dynamic duo for an elegant but cozy night out. With both standout food and spirits, they keep you coming back.

Wagyu Beef Tartare at bluestem (photo: The Employee Lounge)

Located next door to one another, but uncannily surrounded by the neon lights of Sonic, Blockbuster and GameStop, PotPie and bluestem are diamonds in the rough. Most people know, bluestem offers one of Kansas City’s most pristine dining experiences and many save it for special occasions or celebrations. But you cannot overlook the ease, affordability and knock-out culinary and mixology prowess offered in its lounge.

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Seared Scallops – Fancy & Healthy

After tons of traveling and tasting last month, it was back to sticking with a healthy eating plan this week. By Thursday, I was tired of chicken, didn’t feel like firing up the grill and wanted something a little special. So when I found some fresh-caught jumbo scallops in Hy-Vee’s seafood section, I knew I was in business.

Scallops can be both an easy healthy option and the centerpiece of an elegant meal. The preparation I tried out this week was delicious (and the Hubs loved them too) and can serve both purposes. Paired with a simple salad, it’s a quick and healthy weeknight option. But in a few weeks for a dinner party, I plan to dress it up a little with more herbs, a side of risotto and some haricot vert (just calling string beans by that name feels fancy!).

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NYC’s Katz’s Deli

It may not be your typical time of day to sit down with a table full of lunch food, but 9:30 a.m. was a mighty fine time for me to finally get a taste of Katz’s Deli.

This famous deli located on the Lower East Side had eluded me the last couple times I was in New York City. Each time I had tried to get there, either the location or other commitments got in the way. But not this time…. I was determined to sample their Reuben sandwich even if I had to make it my breakfast.

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