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Strawberries & Chocolates the Classy Way

It’s funny how a group of women will thank their hostess over and over again for opening her home and “going to all this trouble” to provide food and drinks for a meeting. It’s a kind acknowledgement and one most hostesses dismiss as being “no trouble at all”. Well, I truly speak from the heart in explaining how much I love these events and feel almost like a kid in a candy store. That’s because I get to share so many of my favorite, easy, local delights with my guests and share ideas that will hopefully make their next party a little bit tastier and less stressful.

Aside from that bottle of Chocolate Ale, my secret weapon  for this little gathering was Classy Chocolate in Liberty. It’s a special-treat staple around my home and office because it does more than just chocolates and, most importantly, does it all very well.

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It’s a neighborhood I’ve just never frequented despite the great reputation it has for small local eateries. This couple blocks of 39th Street near KU Med is lined with glowing windows and couples meandering the sidewalk, some deciding which place to dine. The Volker area has the feel of a small neighborhood in Chicago offering ethnic fare, elegant dining, local favorites, your basic breakfast diner and more.

On this this trip, as with most, I came with a purpose. Thomas, I was told by a very adamant individual, is the best restaurant in town. Although not quite convinced of his statement, his passion really got me wondering if I’ve been missing something.

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Super Bowl Cupcakes are HOT!!!

If you’re up early reading this, there’s still time. You can have the hottest appetizers and/or dessert at your Super Bowl party – and I do mean HOT, as in hot sauce! In fact, both the trendiest starters and sweet finishings this year come in the form of cupcakes.

I suppose I should give fair warning that these cupcakes are a little out of the ordinary. But  just use your imagination as you read and trust me, they’re good!

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Gram & Dun

The term “gastropub” has a pretty distinct meaning in my mind. Probably because my first gastropub experience was so phenomenal, I’m looking for a time to get back to Miami to eat there again. The term refers to a bar that serves high-end food and beer.

So I was somewhat surprised when I walked into Gram & Dun on the Plaza and didn’t find any pub-like qualities. But definitions aside, I discovered some fantastic food and a place I hope to return often.

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Chocolate Ale: One Hot Commodity!

Okay I admit, I got a bit of late start in the hunt for KC’s most coveted Valentine’s beer. But let me tell you my intensity was not lacking. It was last year at bluestem that I tried a bottle of this genius collaboration beer by our beloved Boulevard our endeared chocolatier Christopher Elbow. When you hear those two iconic Kansas City names on one product, there are a lot of expectations to go with it.

About a week and a half ago, it occurred to me that I needed to get on the ball because there were probably already wait-lists in the works for this tawny elixir in the season of love. And I was right. Others were well ahead of me. Read more