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Monster Cinnamon Roll

We’ve all heard of the “burrito as big as your head” phenomenon and some of us likely enjoy such gluttony. I can’t say I’ve experienced one of those, but I received a very thoughtful gift from friends last month along the same lines. It was a CINNAMON ROLL as big as your head!

It was my souviner, of sorts, from the Iowa Caucuses. I’ve heard of The Machine Shed in Des Moines before, but just assumed it was a local version of The Cracker Barrel. Little did I know that this place produces some lethal pastries! These big boys are dangerous in a few ways, 1)  if you throw it at someone’s face, you might knock them out, and  2) the sugar and calories in ONE cinnamon roll could probably meet my nutritional needs for a week!

To be honest, this carb-monster didn’t look all that appetizing with such a big chunk of stiff bread making up the mass of it. And the icing was kind of haphazardly slopped on top then smooshed tight with a whole lotta plastic wrap. BUT, this was a novelty baby! And what do you do with a crazy 3-pound cinammon roll as big as your head?….. Well, you eat it of course!

Lucky for me, I can rely on my convivial coworkers to assist in an important tasting such as this. All of us were pleasantly surprised! Great flavor in the bread with a just a little gooey cinnamon layered inside. But the icing was the knockout feature. Talk about The Perfect Bite – just a fork stabbed into the top of this baby with a chunk of roll beneath that icing….mmm-uhm-good!

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