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Corner Cafe

Sometimes a little down home cookin’ is just what you need. But if you don’t wanna do the work, just head on over to Corner Cafe. With locations in Riverside, Liberty and Independence, they’ve got a good portion of the Missouri side suburbs covered.

I recently visited the Riverside location with my parents on a late weekday morning. The breakfast crowd wasn’t quite gone and the lunch crowd was rolling in strong. That’s how it is most of the time, especially on weekends. The comfy “country-style” restaurant packs ’em in by offering delicious basics for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We were there for breakfast  – something they serve all day long (except for the biscuits and sausage gravy that ends at 11am). It’s a really good old-fashioned breakfast. So good that I would put it up against nearly any diner in KC.  And it’s a spot with a lot more character and more space than most diners. You’ll find lots of country-style wall paper, rooster photos on the wall and old-school signs from Coca-Cola, gas stations and other nostalgic pieces.

The waitresses (yes, nearly all women…only seen one man waiting tables in all the times I’ve been there) are the amenable kind of  servers that can put up with the good ole boys’ jokes with ease while still hustling to get a big job done. The Liberty location (actually within KC city limits) is smoke-free, but in Riverside you can sometimes get a whif of cigarettes even in the non-smoking section.

Having arrived just past eleven 0’clock, we missed one of my favorites – B&G. Corner Cafe’s biscuits and gravy are robust with thick gravy, nicely peppered and contain generous chunks of sausage. I’m kinda picky about my B&G and I do like to indulge in it here.

Mom and dad with went eggs and hashbrowns and I settled on a Corner Omelette with wheat toast. I really enjoy the wheat toast at Corner Cafe. It’s always toasted just right and is kind of a grainy toast, nice and hearty. Hashbrowns are great too. They’re the old-school hashbrowns, but better than you find in a lot of diners where it just seems like shredded potatoes soaked in grease. Corner Cafe hashbrowns are the perfect combination of crunchy and moist with crispy browned edges in just the right proportion.

Breakfast was great! My parents eggs were cooked as ordered – nice runny yellow yolks on the over easy. And my omelette was fluffy and filled with a good amount of well-chopped vegetables and ham. Yummmm!

Had I gone all out and thrown caution to the wind, I would have ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs. Corner Cafe really does it right! And if you like good cinnamon rolls, this is the place! Monster sized (well ok, not as big as your head) and melt-in-your-mouth…be sure to order extra icing. If you’re dining there for lunch or dinner be sure to try the Rueben, the Tenderloin, Chicken & Noodles or the Open-faced Roast Beef sandwich. They make a pretty good Cobb Salad too.

One of the best parts of the trip is the total on the check! Good food at a great price….gotta love some country cookin’ in KC!
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  1. Kathi Rule #

    Just read your post and wanted to say “thank you” !!! So nice to know that you get who we are and what we strive to do…give value for a great home style meal, like we got at home!! We appreciate and value your comments and most of all your patronage. We continue to strive to get it right, and hopefully fix it when we don’t. We love the restaurant business and most of all our customers, most of which have become dear friends. Thank you, again.
    Kathi Rule

    June 24, 2012

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