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Strawberries & Chocolates the Classy Way

It’s funny how a group of women will thank their hostess over and over again for opening her home and “going to all this trouble” to provide food and drinks for a meeting. It’s a kind acknowledgement and one most hostesses dismiss as being “no trouble at all”. Well, I truly speak from the heart in explaining how much I love these events and feel almost like a kid in a candy store. That’s because I get to share so many of my favorite, easy, local delights with my guests and share ideas that will hopefully make their next party a little bit tastier and less stressful.

Aside from that bottle of Chocolate Ale, my secret weapon  for this little gathering was Classy Chocolate in Liberty. It’s a special-treat staple around my home and office because it does more than just chocolates and, most importantly, does it all very well.

This gathering had been planned as a short volunteer meeting to be followed by our annual Valentine’s Chocolate Exchange. Having spent most of my weekend preparing Super Bowl foods, I decided to rely on Classy Chocolate to supply my “dozen chocolate goodies” to be shared as well as a superstar non-chocolate dessert to complete the hor d’oeuvre bar.

That’s what I love about Classy – it can be a one-stop-shop to please both your chocoholic friends and those very few that don’t care for the heavenly fruit of the hallowed cocoa bean. Located on the square in Liberty, Classy Chocolate is a small, locally owned spot that makes just about “chocolate-dipped” everything. For our exchange, I avoided nuts and went for the crowd favorite dipped oreos, both white and milk chocolate. What I had a hard time passing up were all the other wonderful treats in their case that I’ve come to love so much! There are chocolate covered cherries, dipped pretzels with mini M&M’s, turtles, haystacks, peanut clusters, half-dipped chocolate chip cookies, even chocolate covered grapes and caramel apples!

Classy also does some of the best chocolate covered strawberries I’ve tasted. Large and plump, these sumptuous berries come covered in dark chocolate with almonds, white chocolate with coconut, zebra striped, mini-chocolate chip encrusted or just about any way you can imagine. And if you make it in the next week, around Valentine’s Day, there will be an array to choose from.

One of my personal favorites from their case, is the iced brownie. They are so good that I’ve been known to buy them days ahead of a long-awaited “cheat day” during an extended diet. They’re not too thick, but chewy and decadent. The icing is rich and thin, just a little on the grainy side – which somehow works perfectly. I’m told the icing was originally an accident. Some ingredient left out or measured incorrectly turned out the be the secret to this topping everyone loves so much.

But what you don’t expect from a little suburban chocolate shop, is the killer strawberry cake and cupcakes. When I was a girl, my grandma always made strawberry cake in a 9×13 dinged up metal pan. It was my grandpa’s favorite dessert with a sweet, thick icing poured over the top – bits of strawberries throughout. I remember scraping the most bits of cake out of the corners of the pan with a fork. I tried a few years ago to make my grandma’s cake and couldn’t quite get it right. Now I don’t have to because Classy’s is just as good, but prettier. Their case always has a beautiful, tall, round pink cake inside where you can get a slice of strawberry heaven. To get the cupcakes, like I served, just call a few days ahead and place your order. (Warning: don’t call hoping to get them on short notice, you might get an earful of attitude.) And at just $1 per cupcake, these are a steal! The pretty in pink, dainty desserts will stand up to some of the best cupcakes around town…and I’m picky about my cupcakes.

Classy does carrot cake, lemon and other flavors too. Something I will have to try at my next party. And by the way, if you’re looking for a quirky Valentine’s pairing the strawberry cupcakes went pretty well with the Boulevard Chocolate Ale. It drank better with my new favorite brie from Dean & Deluca, but that’s another story.

See….I’m like a kid in a candy store! I love sharing my favorite food finds at these events. More on my other favorites to come.

For now, get over to Classy Chocolate and find something sweet for your sweetheart on Valentine’s day.


Classy Chocolate

18 W. Kansas St.
Liberty, Missouri 64068

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  1. Deb #

    Melissa, you have truly found a gem in those strawberry cupcakes! Let me just say words cannot describe these and thank you for sharing! Everyone needs to experience these heavenly delights! A bargain at $1 a piece they are absolutely top notch! A Valentines Day treat for anyone or a well deserved goodie just because…….

    February 9, 2012

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