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Super Bowl Cupcakes are HOT!!!

If you’re up early reading this, there’s still time. You can have the hottest appetizers and/or dessert at your Super Bowl party – and I do mean HOT, as in hot sauce! In fact, both the trendiest starters and sweet finishings this year come in the form of cupcakes.

I suppose I should give fair warning that these cupcakes are a little out of the ordinary. But  just use your imagination as you read and trust me, they’re good!

A few days ago as I was fine tuning my the menu for our Super Bowl party, I wanted to find a fun gameday dessert. I knew just where to go – a great blog called Gameday Style based right here in Missouri. Married to a college football coach, my friend dishes on the latest and greatest trends as well as classic favorites for the big game. And who would know better than someone whose life revolves around football Saturday!

The headline caught my attention right away, Would You Like Some Ranch Dressing with Your Cupcake?” It made me scowl a bit, but I went on to read about a savory cupcake appetizer made with chicken hot wings! I HAD to make this…it was too fun to pass up! Within a few days and as the big game got closer, this novelty was all over the news.  It starts with hot sauce, butter and blue cheese melted in a pan…then you add the sugar. I’ve yet to top mine with the hot wings, but the cornbread-like cupcake was yummy with the slightly sweet blue cheese icing. It definitely packed some heat, which can be moderated or kicked up depending which hot sauce you choose to use in the recipe.

But it was really the other cupcake recipe my friend had featured that made my mouth water. Beer Cheese Cupcakes with Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Icing.

I’m a big sweet-n-salty fan and this little treat sounded perfect for gameday. I was right! Sampling one still warm, with a spoonful of the rich icing on top was just superb. I used Sam Adams beer and a little bit of sharp and smoked cheddar. The cake reminds me of a sweet, moist beer bread. Delicious!

But as you know, it’s the opinion of my guests that really matter. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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  1. These sound awesome! I can’t wait to try some, I wish I had more time today and I would dash to the store for ingredients. Yummy. thanks for sharing 🙂

    February 5, 2012

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