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EBT Dishes Out Some TLC

Even before I had ever experienced true fine dining or great food, EBT was on my radar. For more than 15 years, this Kansas City upscale eatery with three fancy script letters adorning an otherwise obscure building has been on my list of places to hit. And while I always wished that college-era crush had actually taken me there after describing how fantastic it was, my ultimate arrival at EBT could not have been better timed.

EBT’s location is likely overlooked by many as it sits at the corner of I-435 and State Line Road, in a bank building with really no other retail, dining or attractions to draw in diners. Despite the curb appeal challenge, the restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere with a staff that truly cares about the food, their image and your experience.

KC Restaurant Week, once again, was a great excuse to catch up with one of my girlfriends. A dining aficionado in her own right, it was sadly crazy that neither of us had dined at EBT. It was on the books early and we were excited!

Pleasantly, the KCRW menu was one of the more generous and varied I have seen.  You can choose from two salads or a soup for the first course. It also contains some entrees from the regular menu  and the portions are quite sizeable.  All of this is done with a purpose you might not guess. Chef Tate Roberts says he’s close to some individuals who are served by Harvesters and he desires for them to have plenty and have the best. Therefore in his KCRW menu he doesn’t cut corners, he doesn’t make the portions smaller, he wants to honor those who are served by Harvesters in selections featured on that menu.

My friend and I both opted to indulge in the Restaurant Week menu since the options were all so appealing. The hardest choice for me was whether to start with the Wedge Salad or the Caesar. But never fear…..My dear friend was kind enough to offer some of her caesar for me to taste. Additionally, the server was quite attentive and quickly realized we were there to sample and taste so she brought out side plates with each course in order to share. 

My wedge salad selection was a nice choice for a hearty, creamy first course. It was a mighty wedge of iceberg, a pretty large chunk both firm and green. It came with tomatoes, a few onions and lovely blue cheese chunks. Best of all it wasn’t swimming in dressing, thank goodness. It went marvelously with the housemaid “cracker toasts”, I will call them, that are served in the bread basket. These small, thin slices of bread are prepared using a paint-roller type tool and covered in butter and seasonings before toasting to perfect crispness. Just fantastic! Sometimes it’s funny how those little things can really stand out.

photo credit: What You're Missing KC!

Now, the caesar salad was truly outstanding. The greens were very crisp and fresh with a nice balance of leafy greens and hearts of romaine. The hint of anchovy in the dressing was truly spot on, exceptionally seasoned. The dressing wasn’t even really noticeable, just the wonderful flavors that shined through each bite. Next time I plan to have the caesar again, but made tableside – an option that brings an element of entertainment to any dinner.

The Truffle Balsamic Honey Glazed Pork Chop is an item also served on the regular menu and seemed to be a favorite of our server. My friend ventured away from her customary fish order and was pleased with the extremely tender and tasty chop. It was so tender if I had not known better, I would have guessed this was a brined chicken breast, thick and juicy. Lovely grill marks graced the bone-in cut and it was paired with perfectly al dente haricot vert. It had just a glaze of sauce and was much lighter in texture and flavor than expected.

Warm and intensely aromatic, the Kobe Beef p Pot Roast got my attention the minute it hit the table. This Asian inspired dish really resembled good downhome cooking but with a twist. The pot roast was extremely tender containing a good amount of spice and some red curry, but it didn’t overpower the meal. The rich flavor of the meat and other seasonings still shown through. The spicy decadent beef was wonderfully paired with the light, crunchy coolness of fresh snow peas. Sweet potatoes found within the pulled meat provided a nice counter to the underlying spice and brought a calming touch of sugar. They were cooked just right, not mushy like you often find in a braised dish. And there was just SO MUCH food. I barely ate a third of my entrée and, as you might have guessed, I have a very healthy appetite. But the good news is this will make a wonderful lunch later this week.

Our service was great. Wine suggestions and tastes of different varietals was a nice touch to show that our needs and desires were made a priority. It was a place that made up you feel appreciated and well cared for.

The chocolate mousse cake and cheesecake for dessert were fine, but didn’t compare to the first 2 courses. However, the coffee was tasty and beautifully presented in slender tall coffee cups with matching saucers. I just love nice, elegant china!

While I was quite content with my KCRW menu choices, I do plan to return to EBT and have the mixed grill – scallops, a filet and lamb chops that are smoked before grilling. Yummmm! There were also a couple steak selections that sounded really tasty.

Overall, EBT was a wonderful experience. And if you can make it before the end of Restaurant week you are definitely getting a steal at one of KC’s longstanding fine dining establishments.
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