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Restaurant Week Just Around the Corner

Just a few more days until Kansas City chefs put their best dishes on display and do it at a great price! KC Restaurant Week is an opportunity to both show off our town’s culinary prowess and support a great local charity. I’ve already started studying the menus! So many jump off the page with enticement, there’s no way I can sample everything on my list during KCRW.

Beginning Friday, more than 100 local eateries are will plate up three-course meals to exhibit a taste of all our city has to offer. For just $30 you can appreciate an appetizer, entrée and dessert from some of the finest, newest, hottest and most creative kitchens in KC. And if you go for lunch it’s only $15! All of this foodie-fun benefits Harvesters food bank and lessens the impact on your own pocketbook.

Westport Cafe bouillabaise

This a great reason to get outta the house, reward yourself for those calories saved this new year, and treat your taste buds to some of KC’s best cuisine. To get a look at what’s being offered on each participant’s menu click here. I’ve been mapping out my own strategy to make the most of this once-a-year offer (more on that later). But first, let me suggest some places I love that you SHOULD NOT miss next week.

  • Piropos – Great chance to dine cheap at one of KC’s special-occassion eateries! Try the peppercorn steak, and the banana cake is a must have finish.
  • Story – Order the short ribs – they’re fantastic! And in case you didn’t know, I rave about their Butternut Squash soup and it’s on the Restaurant Week menu!

    Empty Bowl of Story's Butternut Squash Bisque

  • Extra Virgin – Chef Michael Smith’s duck-tongue tacos are on the menu, a dish featured on Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate”.
  • Westport Cafe & Bar – Don’t miss out on my favorite French spot and one of the best restaurants in the Midtown/Plaza area. Pommes frites are a must! Click on the name and see how much I enjoyed it!
  • The American Restaurant – Chef Gold’s menu offers a taste of the town’s most storied cuisine. I would go for her braised pork and the pineapple upside down cake, but the other options look fantastic too! And all for $30….whoa!
  • Lidia’s – Their menu is not posted yet, but I love so many dishes there it’s hard to go wrong! It’s my favorite spot for pasta, but there’s so much more.

    Lidia's Italy - photo: Bonjwing Lee

  • bluestem – Make your reservations TODAY! You will love every last drop, but believe me it’s gonna fill up fast.
  • Gram & Dun – This new Plaza gastropub is deeee-licious! Get the Korean Beef Short Ribs…. I can’t wait to have them again.
  • Justus Drugstore – Simply put……it’s worth the trip (and it’s likely closer than you think).

As you might know, some of these are among KC’s finest dining experiences. Others are just darn good food! And if you’re asking me, Restaurant Week is the time to seize so much of that good food our city  has to offer. Wherever you choose to dine next week, I hope KCRW helps you discover your Perfect Bite.

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