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Donut King

Bye-bye Miss American Pie… Drove my chevy to the Donut King but the razed lot made me cry! That’s right, it had been demolished!

Yep, gone! Completely ‘dozed to the ground along with everything else along that stretch of Chouteau Trafficway. Dad and I drove past the address where Donut King was supposed to be a couple times and I thought we were outta luck.

The recommendation had been on my list for a few months, and I was excited to have an excuse to try it out (aren’t dads great!?). Doughnuts are not something I eat very much – maybe just two or three times a year. For me, most doughnuts just aren’t worth the fat and calories so they’re easy to pass up. But every now and then you find some that rise above. My standard for outstanding doughnuts – the kind worth cheating on the diet for – would be a HOT Krispy Kreme glazed (if it’s room temperature, there’s no sense in it) or that vanilla icing filled wonder from Dunkin Donuts. Anything else from those chains just doesn’t make the cut.

So thinking we would have to settle for something else, I got out the iPhone and searched for nearby doughnut shops. For once, Siri got it right! Second on the list was the new location for Donut King.  It wasn’t gone! Wooohooo….We were in business! No settling for run-of-the-mill doughnuts today.

Donut King's new location on Armour Road just off I-29

After a few wrong turns and an unintended tour of North Kansas City’s mainstreet shops (really shoulda looked closer at that map before assuming I knew where it was), we arrived at Donut King’s new location. It’s just off I-29 near North Kansas City Hospital and Cerner’s main campus. It was almost 11am but the place was hoppin’! There were 4 ladies working the counter, all with smiling faces filling big boxes full of pretty pastries. Apparently, you don’t come to Donut King for a little sack with a couple inside….everyone was going big! It was even humorous to watch the husband and wife in front of us. As she kept pointing to another iced creation, the lady would add it to the already overflowing pile in the box and the husband would just shake his head. (If a camera had been on us while I ordered, I’m afraid my dad was doing the same thing!).

The monstrosity of the selection inside that case was nearly overwhelming! And I was just doing my duty – trying as much as possible so I can tell YOU what’s good. Right?….Right!

The cake doughnut selection was pretty impressive: chocolate with chocolate icing, devils food glazed, blueberry, orange spice, chocolate cherry, red velvet and more. The long johns were neatly lined up, chocolate icing or caramel. And you could have them filled with bavarian cream or sugary whipping cream (like a fluffy cake icing). There were sprinkles galore and big fat round daddies with jelly oozing out the side. If you can’t find a doughnut you liked here, then you really don’t like doughnuts!!

Carmel Roll w/ nuts: Dad says "top notch"!

The counter staff was friendly and helpful…quite patient as I asked questions and picked my poison one by one. Finally, we were done – a dozen donuts and a couple extra “specialty” items. That’s a lot of donuts for three people, but sometimes I feel good throwing away unhealthy food! And my family has acquiesced to my habit of cutting little bites off one of everything.

So here’s my take. Some of these fluffy nutritional blackholes are worth every bite. Others are darn good doughnuts and a few I would pass up. My list goes like this:

Must Try:

  • Apple Fitter – best thing in the case! Great spices, nice density, crispy glazed edge with a thin layer of apple filling and a few small chunks. One of the best apple fritters I’ve had!
  • Red Velvet cake donut with Cream Cheese icing – really tastes like red velvet cake, not just a cake donut with red food coloring.

    Delicious Apple Fritter - best on the menu!

Honorable Mention:

  • Orange Spice cake donut – moist inside with slightly crispy edge and a few spices. The icing was definitely made with orange juice – yum!
  • Iced Devils Food cake donut – almost has a melt-in-your-mouth quality (mine got a little too close to the orange spice and suffered from a touch of flavor transfer, but still good)
  • Caramel Long John with Whipped Filling – barely made this list cause the filling is not as good as Dunkin Donuts, but still a treat for anyone with a real sweet tooth.

Not Worth It:

  • Chocolate Long John with Bavarian Cream – I had high hopes for this one, but it’s just not as rich as I like for this kind of splurge. The standard doughnut base and donut holes just weren’t up my alley.
  • Chocolate cake with Chocolate icing – boring compared to the other offerings.

Just remember, it’s all a matter of taste. My palate could be different from yours. In fact, the lady passing out samples said her very favorite was the Coconut Iced cake doughnut which I chalked up to average. But you might love it.

So now you know where to go for awesome apple fritters and some creative cake donuts! Better yet, this place is open late-night till 9 or 10pm. Crazy hours for a doughnut shop.

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