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So Many Places, So Little Time

If you saw the list on my blackberry of Kansas City restuarants where I’m planning to dine this year (nevermind the ones in other cities), you would have litle faith that I’m gonna drop those 10-pounds I’ve been talking about. Never the less, KC has so much to offer for a hungry girl like me that sometimes laying out a plan is required!

If you’re like me, in constant search of that next great meal, you’ll want to check out Steve Paul’s article in the Star of his memorable outings last year – one for each month. He includes some lesser-talked-about locations that you will love!

In fact, about half of the places named are still on my “to try” list (goodness I need more dining buddies and gym time!). But of his recommendations where I’ve dined, I think he’s definitely on the right track! 

Both Story and Justus Drugstore should be on your MUST TRY list for 2012. And it’s hard to ever go wrong with Extra Virgin or The American. (However, I attended the Guigal wine dinner he mentions and it didn’t make the cut for one of my best meals of the year. Perhaps I’m eating better than a major newspaper’s Arts & Culture Editor!?! Perhaps, but it’s probably just a palate preference. While the rabbit and antelope weren’t my thing, other Chef Gold creations have brought me a few of my most memorable dishes ever.)

I was glad to see Cafe Sebastienne and Starkers made the cut since I will be enjoying both this month. Stay tuned, I’ll be sure to dish out all the details.

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